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Linear-Drive Headphones with Eardrum Response
Narrow Band Impulse Testing of Acoustical Systems
Tape-Cut Editing of a Stereo PCM Tape Deck Employing Stationary Heads
Envelope Distortion in Audio Amplifiers
Loudspeakers with Accurate Pistonic Motion
On the Vibrational Analysis of Dome-Type Loudspeakers by the Finite Element Method
Time Compression and Expansion: Plain and Fancy
Design and Construction of High Slew Rate Amplifiers
Large Signal Performance of Audio Power Amplifiers in the Frequency Domain
Imprecise Descriptors
New Precise Calibration Method of Recorded Disc Level Using Laser Beam
A New PCM Audio System as an Adapter of Video Tape Recorders
CCIR/ARM: A Practical Noise Measurement Method
On Dropout Compensation of PCM Systems-Computer Simulation Method and a New Error-Correcting Code (Cross Word Code)
Spherical and Cylindrical Geometries for Piezoelectric Polymer Diaphragms
A Vibration Stabilizer System for Phonograph Reproduction
Time Delay Spectrometry is Alive and Well
Sound Levels and Spectra of Rock Music
Design of a Studio-Quality Condenser Microphone Using Electret Technology
Auto Q: A New Directivity Measurement System
On the Advanced Stereophonic Reproducing System "Ambience Stereo"
A High Accuracy Analog Cross Correlator
An Analysis of the Steady State Behavior of Tape Cartridges
Design of 48mm Beryllium Diaphragm Compression Driver
AWASP: An Acoustic Wave Analysis and Simulation Program
VTR Based PCM Recorder with an Error Correction Scheme
A Set of Integrated Circuits for Electronic Music
How to Give Your Woofer a Lie Detector Test
Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of a Phonograph Stylus
New Approach for Sweep Frequency Test Record
The Dispersion of Re-Entrant Exponential Horns
Computer Aided Computation of Reverberation Time
A Binaural Simulation Approach to Predicting -Immersion- in the Concert Hall Sound Field
A New Piezoelectric Driver Enhances Horn Performance
Magnetic Design of Tape Recorder Heads
Theatrical Sound Effects Systems: A Survey of the State-of-the-Art
High-Frequency Variance: A Program-Dependent Signal Deterioration Mode in Analog Magnetic Tape Recording
Techniques for the Realization and Application of Voltage Controlled Amplifiers and Attenuators
Trends in Audio Education'A Symposium
A Real-Time Digital Processor for Disk Mastering Lathe Control
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