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New Improvements in Audio Signal Processing for AM Broadcasting
A Dynamic Noise Reducer for FM Stereo
Three New Noise-Cancelling Electret Communication Devices
A New Method of Measuring the Directivity Factor, Q, Rø, Df, etc., of a Commercial Sound Loudspeaker
A Versatile Memory System for Console Automation
The 'On-Line' Application of Programmable Calculators to Audio Frequency Measurements
Development of a Voice Projection System for Masked Firefighters
Towards a More Natural Sound System
Development of a Loudspeaker System with Omnidirectional High Polymer Tweeters
Audio Systems for Life Safety
New Factors in Phonograph Preamplifier Design
Design of Linear Phase Multi-Way Loudspeaker System
Role of Polymer Science in Developing Materials for Phonograph Discs
Variable Pitch and Depth, It's Latitude and It's Limits
Electroacoustic Free-Field Measurements in Ordinary Rooms--Using Gating Techniques
Spectrum Analysis of Tape Recorder Distortion
Frequency Response of an Electrostatic Horn-Tweeter with Electret
On 'Out-of-Head Localization' in Headphone Listening
Power Ratings for Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker Systems
Four-Channel Phonograph Bi-Radial Point Playback Criteria
Swept Electroacoustic Measurements of Harmonic Distortion, Difference-Frequency and Intermodulation Distortion
Proper Acoustic Response -From the Front Row to the Rear Row-
Assisted Resonance
A Variable Frequency Limiter/Compressor/Expander
Detection of Phase Shifts in Harmonically Related Tones
Non-Destructive Conversion of Approved Ear Defenders into Communication Headsets
The Practice of Fully Programmable Mixdown and Development of a Third Generation Console
Use of the Multi-Track Recorder as a Composing Aid in Electronic Music Systems
New Devices for Equalization
Development of a Wide Range Universal Frequency Equalizer
Spectral Analysis of Heart Sounds in Children
Third Octave Series Presentation of Time Constants in Audio Engineering
Advance in Turntable and Tone Arm Design
The Sound Field in Home Listening Rooms II
Distribution of Maximum RMS Spectrum Levels in Live Music Samples
New Ceramic Inertial Pickup for String Instruments with Mass-Controlled Frequency Response Adjustments
Control of Modulation Noise in Magnetic Recording Tape
Localization Effects in the Quadraphonic Sound Field
More Signal, Less Noise, Not Always a New Tape
The Beryllium Dome Diaphragm--Its Use, Manufacture and Importance in Loudspeaker Systems
On the Measurement of Phonograph Cartridges by the Pulse-Train Method, Part II
A Technique for Observing Loudspeaker Wave Front Propagation
Lacquer Warp, Advance Ball, and Disc Cutter Dynamics
Cerebral Hemisphere Dynamics Imaged by a Nondiffusable Radiopharmaceutical
360-Degree Symphony Halls and Music Pavilions
Manufacture of State of the Art Lacquer Masters
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