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Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Loudspeaker Bass Unit Design
Intermodulation Distortion Listening Tests
The Cocktail Party Effect With and Without Conflicting Visual Clues
Musikaufnahmen in Kunstkopf-Stereofonie
Loudspeaker Evaluation Using Digital Techniques
Loudspeaker System Simulation Using Digital Techniques
The Mechanical Design of Loudspeaker Cabinets
Sound Radiated from Loudspeaker Cabinets
The Sound Output of Loudspeaker Cabinet Walls
Active and Passive Loudspeaker Cross-Over Networks Without Transient Distortion
A Bi-Directional Line-Source Loudspeaker with Von Braunmühl and Weber Baffle
Holographic Investigation of Speaker Vibrations
The Design of Precisely Coincident Microphone Arrays for Stereo and Surround Sound
A New Method of Arm/Cartridge Damping
An Improvement in the Sound Quality of High Speed Duplicated Music Cassettes
Recording and Reading of the Thomson-CSF Videodisc
Erkennung von Frikativlauten bEI Analogen Ubertragungssystemen
A Multiplex Stereo Decoder with Automatic Phase-Error Correction
Digital On-Line Audio Processing
The Lower Limit of Detectable Sound Pressure
The Influence of Phase and Windowing in Pitch-Synchronous Analysis of Speech
A Computer Programme for Inferring the Grammar of Speech
Instability in Moving Coil Loudspeakers
Properties of Hearing Related to Quadraphony and the Design of a Compatible 4-2-4 Matrix System
Simple Equations for Multi-Channel Stereophonic Sound-Localization
Stereophony: A Physiologically-Adapted Mike Arrangement Theory
Theory and Apparatus of the "Sound Travel" Effect
Pop and Dance Music Studios in German Broadcasting Corporations
The Compatibility of Compact Cassette Tape
Record Care and Cleaning Devices
The Elimination of Scratch Noise from 78 R.P.M. Records
Twin-Tone Tape Testing
Optimum Multiphony
A Novel Planiform Loudspeaker System
Taking the Strain
Levels in Basic Room Acoustics: The New "dB(m)"
The Norwegian Studio for Electronic Music
Orthogonality and Walsh Functions
Auditory Tests of Timbre Sensitivity at the Tonmeisters Faculty
The Accu-Peak TM Level Indicator
Current Dumping Audio Amplifier
Crossover Distortion in Class AB Amplifiers
A State of the Art Audio Oscillator
FTC Power Ratings: An Optimistic View
A New Method of Loudspeaker Measurement with Particular Relevance to the Listening Environment
A New Direct Drive Turntable with Parallel Tracking Arm
A New Kind of Headphone Receiver
The Performance of Pickups at Low Frequencies and Isolation from External Shock
Improvements in Cutting Styli for CD-4 Discs
Electro-Acoustic Properties of Noise Attenuating Headsets
Musical Instrument R-C Tuning Oscillator Employing Auto-Transformer Tappings to Give +/- 0.005% Interval Accuracy
Studio Earthing Systems
Automatic Tape Recorders: The Requirements, Solutions and Applications
Technical Background of QS System and Its Latest Encoding Techniques
How Many Control Rooms for a Studio
Loudspeakers-The Missing Link
The Isodynamic Principle
Current Hearing Aid Performance and the Requirements of Hearing Impaired Persons
Phase and Sound Quality
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