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Formant Tracking with Fixed Narrow-Band Filters
The Harmonic Tone Generator, a Voltage-Controlled Device for Additive Synthesis of Audio Harmonic Spectra
A Procedure for Controlling Room-Ring Modes and Feedback Modes in Sound Systems with Narrow-Band Filters
History and Current Status of Miniature Variable-Reluctance Balanced-Armature Transducers
Improved Vocoders
Intensities of Orchestral Instrument Scales Played at Prescribed Dynamic Markings
Advanced Tape Mastering System: Mechanical Features
Advanced Tape Mastering System: Electronic Features
Interaction of Tracing and Tracking Error
A Custom Studio Recording Console
Design Considerations for Silicon Transistors in AM/FM Receivers
A Minimum Rider Circuit for Noise Immunity in a Stereo FM Demodulator
A New Method of Tape Motion Control in Fast Modes
High Power, Low Frequency Loudspeakers
An Improved Disc for Master Recording
Optimum Performance in Audio Transistor Amplifiers Using Resistive or Inductive Sources
The Response of Loudspeakers to Tone Bursts
The Measurement and Minimization of Print-Through of Magnetic Sound Recording Tape
Design of Complex Directional Loudspeaker Clusters
The Use of Noise Cancellation in Modern Telephone Practice and Design
Design and Use of Recording Styli
A Survey of Performance Requirements and Design Techniques for Highest Quality FM Multiplex Reception
Voltage-Controlled Electronic Music Modules
Spoken Digit Recognizer for Japanese Language
The Objective and Subjective Aspects of Sound Reproduction
Performance of a Code Operated Speech Synthesizer
On the Measurement of Vertical Recorded Angle in Stereo Disc Recording
Considerations for Naturalness in Portable Sound Reinforcement Systems
Dynamic Range Problems in Transistorized FM Receivers
A Solid State Amplifier with Current Generator Drive for Magnetic Tape Heads
Some Design Considerations for Short Term Audio Recording on Flexible Magnetic Sheets
A Novel Vocoder Synthesizer
A New Multi-Deck Broadcast Audio Tape Cartridge System
A -Special Echo-Mixer- for a Sound Recording Control Console
Proximaural Loudspeakers (-Nearphones-)
The Brandeis University Electronic Music Studio
Record Contamination: Cause and Cure
A Completely Automated Multi-Channel Sound System
The Sound System at the New York State Theater
A Technical Contribution to Permit the Addition of Stereo to Mass Market FM Receivers
Precision Performance Measurements of a New Sound Recording Tape
Circuits of Transistorized RF Condenser Microphones
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