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Design Considerations in a New Industrial Microphone
Intelligibility Test of Communication Ear Defenders in an Area of Extremely High Intensity Noise
Some Problems in the Design of High-Powered Transistor Amplifiers
1 Kilowatt Transistor Audio Amplifier
A Reflex Wien-Bridge Oscillator
The Effect of Phonograph Cartridge Stylus Tip Finish on Record Noise Level
A Study of Program-Level Overloading in Phonograph Recording
Program-Level Overloading and Equalization in Phonograph Recording
A 2 Gram Phonograph Pickup System for Home Record Changers
A Stereo Phonograph Cartridge Evaluation Recording
High Frequency Stylus-Groove Relationships in Phonograph Cartridge Transducers
Correlation Meter for Checking the Poling of Stereo Signals
Recorded Accelerations and Tip Mass Distortion
The Creation of Melodic Contours from Non-Melodic Raw Material Without Loss of Text or Timbre
Erasure of Magnetic Tape
Intermodulation Distortion in Tape Recording
The Role of Recorded Voice Services in Telephony
Compatibility-A Major Requisite in the Telephone Industry
Completely Transistorized Solid State Sound Systems
An Unconventional Voice Assist System for a Large Church Auditorium
How Would You Measure Reverberation Time?
Stereo Operational Experience of WQXR-FM New York
Practical Preparation for FM Stereo Multiplexing
Theology, Philosophy and FM Stereo
Management FM Stereo Installation Problems
FM Multiplex Stereo Installation at WHOO-FM
Automatic Gain Switcher for Voice Intercoms
Meter Ballistics Testing
Shared Use of Telephone Lines for Voice and Data Transmission
A Simplified Frequency Shifter for Improving Acoustic Feedback Stability
A Transistorized Dynamic Microphone-Amplifier for Telephone Handset
A Column Loudspeaker with Controlled Coverage Angle
Constant Directional Characteristics from a Line Source Array
Electrostatic Transducers for Ultrasonics
Considerations in the Measurement of Rumble
Noise Considerations in Tape Reproduce Amplifiers
Man's Need to Communicate-Past, Present and Future
The Voice Interference Analysis Set, an Instrument for Determining the Degradation of Signal Quality of a Voice Communications Channel
Space Information in Stereophony
The Sound System of Sound and Light
Solutions to Problems Arising from Simultaneous Stereo and SCA Operation of an FM Station
A High Power Solid State Amplifier
A Simple Quality Rating System for Loudspeakers and Audio Systems
An Automatic Overplay System for Magnetic Tape and Record-A Step Toward Automation in Studio Operation
Stereophonic FM Distortion Caused by Cross-Talk into the Pilot Carrier
Stereo Experience at WASH-FM
Active Mixing Console Building-Block Units for Studio Applications
A Multi-Purpose Studio Recording System
A Review of German DIN Standards on Sound Recording and Reproducing with Magnetic Tape
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