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CMOS Self-Oscillating Class D Amplifier with Output Optimization
A Digital Class-D Amplifier with Power Supply Correction
Automotive Class D Digital Amplifier Output Stage
High Performance Digital Feedback for PWM Digital Audio Amplifiers
Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter for Digital Audio Amplifiers
Jitter Simulation in High Resolution Digital Audio
The Performance of Look-Ahead Sigma-Delta Modulators with Unstable Noise Shaping Filters
Prediction and Verification of Powered Loudspeaker Requirements for an Assisted Reverberation System
The Representation of, and Control over Mixing Desks via a Software-based Matrix
A Cascaded Delta-Sigma DAC with DWA for Decreasing Mismatch Effect
An Enhanced Encoder for the MPEG-4 ALS Lossless Coding Standard
Perceptually Biased Linear Prediction
Fast Complex Quadrature Mirror Filterbanks for MPEG-4 HE-AAC
Compression Artifacts in Perceptual Audio Coding
Design of HE-AAC Version 2 Encoder
Analysis and Synthesis for Universal Spatial Audio Coding
A Novel Very Low Bit Rate Multi-Channel Audio Coding Scheme using Accurate Temporal Envelope Coding and Signal Synthesis Tools
New Results in Low Bit Rate Speech Coding and Bandwidth Extension
A New Method for Measuring Distortion using a Multitone Stimulus and Non-Coherence
Gradient Microphone Design using Miniature Microphone Arrays
Wind Generated Noise in Microphones - An Overview - Part II
A Portable Record Player for Wax Cylinders Using both Laser-beam Reflection and Stylus Methods
High-Accuracy Full-Sphere Electro Acoustic Polar Measurements at High Frequencies using the HELS Method
Measurement and Visualization of Loudspeaker Cone Vibration
An Extended Small Signal Parameter Loudspeaker Model for the Linear Array Transducer
An Optimized Full-Bandwidth 20Hz-20kHz Digitally Controlled Co-Axial Source
Linear Phase Crossover Filters Advantages in Concert Sound Reinforcement Systems: a practical approach
Optimum Diaphragm and Waveguide Geometry for Coincident source Drive Units
Investigation of Hearing Loss Influence on Music Perception, In Auditoria, by Means of Stereo Dipole Reproduction
Audibility of Linear Distortion with Variations in Sound Pressure Level and Group Delay
Development and Evaluation of Short-Term Loudness Meters
Headphones Listening Tests
Distance Perception of Phantom Sound Images Presented by Multiple-Loudspeakers Placed at Different Distance in Front of Listener
Implementation of Swing Sound Image and Its Localization Accuracy in Two-Channel Stereo Sound Reproduction
Error-Robust Frame Splitting For Audio Streaming Over the Lossy Packet Network
Adaptive Filter Banks using Fixed Size MDCT and Subband Merging for Audio Coding- Comparison with the MPEG AAC Flter Banks
An Audio Archiving Format Based on the MPEG-4 Audio Lossless Coding
Quality Improvement of Scalable Audio Codec Based on Phase Estimation Technique For Reconstructed Harmonic Structure
The Singing Tutor: Expression Categorization and Segmentation of the Singing Voice
Expert System for Automatic Classification and Quality Assessment of Singing Voices
Facilities Used for Introductory Electronic Music: A Survey of Universities with an Undergraduate Degree in Audio
Improvements to a Sample-Concatenation Based Singing Voice Synthesizer
Modeling Musical Artculation Gestures in Singing Voice Performances
Automatic Tonal Analysis from Music Summaries for Version Identification
Groovator - An Implementation of Real-Time Rhythm Transformations
A Personalized Preset-based Audio System for Interactive Service
Ensemble Hand-Clapping Experiments under the Influence of Delay and Various Acoustic Enviroments
Audio System for Portable Market
Design and Evaluation of a High Performance Class D Headphone Driver
Loudspeaker-Room Adaptation for a Specific Listening Position using Information about the Complete Sound Field
Allpass Arrays: Theory, Design, and Applications
Assessment of Nonlinearity in Transducers and Sound Systems – From THD to Perceptual Models
An Important Aspect of Underhung Voice-Coils: A Technical Tribute to Ray Newman
The Acoustic Center: A New Concept for Loudspeakers at Low Frequencies
Contextual Effects on Sound Quality Judgements: Part II – Multi-Stimulus vs. Single Stimulus Method
Audibility of Time Differences in Adjacent Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs)
Perceptual Evaluation of Algorithms for Blind Up-mix
Pitch Transposition of Flute Tones Based on Variation of Average Spectral Distribution
Pitch Coherence as a Measure of Apparent Distance in Performance Spaces and Muddiness in Sound Recordings
A Comparison of Various Multichannel Loudness Measurement Techniques
Predicting Listener Preferences for Surround Microphone Technique through Binaural Analysis of Loudspeaker-Reproduced Piano Performances
The Accuracy and Consistency of Spectrographic Analysis for Voice Identification
Loudspeaker Thermal and Safety Data Acquisition System
Surface Scattering Uniformity Measurements in Reflection Free Environments
Picturing Dither: Dithering Pictures
Comparison of Frequency-Warped Representations for Source Separation of Stereo Mixtures
Auditory Component Analysis
Frequency Domain Artificial Reverberation using Spectral Magnitude Decay
Design of an Automatic Beat-Matching Algorithm for Portable Media Devices
Artificial Reverberation: Comparing Algorithms by Using Monaural Analysis Tools
Inverse Filtering Design Using a Minimal-Phase Target Function from Regularization
The Origins of DSP and Compression: Some Pale Gleams from the Past; A Historical Perspective on Early Speech Synthesis and Scramblers, and the Foundations of Digital Audio
Determining the Need for Dither when Re-Quantizing a 1-D Signal
Shape-changing Symmetric Objects for Sound Synthesis
Unisong: A Choir Singing Synthesizer
Accurate Low-Frequency Magnitude and Phase Estimation in the Presence of DC and Near-DC Aliasing
Frequency Domain Phase Model of Transient Events
Doing Good by the "Bad Boy": Performing George Antheil's Ballet mécanique with Robots
Linear Array Transducer Technology
A Novel Flexible Loudspeaker Driven by an Electret Diaphragm
Stress Analysis on Moving Assemblies and Suspensions of Loudspeakers
Non Linear Stiffness of the Loudspeaker Measured in the Evacuated Space
Linearization of Nonlinear Loudspeakers
Response Adaptation of Loudspeaker System
Digital-Driven Piezoelectric Speaker using Multi-Bit Delta-Sigma Modulation
Design Considerations for Shallow Subwoofers
A Plane Wave Transducer: Technology and Applications
Digital Correction of Switching Amplifier by Error Re-modulation method
Iterative Method for Natural Sampling
A High Performance S/PDIF Receiver
Loudspeaker-Based 3-D Audio System Design Using the M-S Shuffler Matrix
Binaural Simulation of Complex Acoustic Scenes for Interactive Audio
A Technique for Nonlinear System Measurement
Esophageal Voice Enhancement by Modeling Radiated Pulses in Frequency Domain
A Novel IIR Equalizer for Non-Minimum Phase Loudspeaker Systems
Spring Reverb Emulation Using Dispersive Allpass Filters in a Waveguide Structure
Characteristics of Inharmonic Frequency Analysis of GHA and its Application to Audio Signal Processing
A Hybrid Speech Codec Employing Parametric and Perceptual Coding Techniques
EuCon: An Object-Oriented Protocol for Connecting Control Surfaces to Software Applications
Considerations on Audio for Flash: Getting to the Vector Soundstage
5.1 Surround and 3D (Full Sphere with Height) Reproduction for Interactive Gaming and Training Simulation
Automatic Volume and Equalization Control in Mobile Devices
Speech Source Enhancement using a Modified ADRess Algorithm for Applications in Mobile Communications
Frame Loss Concealment for Audio Decoders Employing Spectral Band Replication
High-Frequency Interpolation for Motion-Tracked Binaural Sound
Perceptual Importance of Karhunen-Lòeve Transformed Multichannel Audio Signals
A New Upmixer for Enhancement of Reverberance Imagery in Multichannel Loudspeaker Audio Scenes
Natural Reproduction of Symphony Orchestra Music by an Advanced Multichannel Live Sound System
Localization in Horizontal-Only Ambisonic Systems
An Experimental Verification of Localization in Two-Channel Stereo
Solving the Sticky Shed Problem in Magnetic Recording Tapes: New Laboratory Research and Analysis Provides a Safe and Effective Remedy
Tape Degradation Factors and Predicting Tape Life
Music MetaData Quality: A Multiyear Case Study using the Music of Skip James
Stop Counting Samples
A Real-Time Rhythmic Analyzer and Equalizer
Blind Dereverberation of Audio Signals Using a Modified Constant Modulus Algorithm
Perceptual Importance of the Number of Loudspeakers for Reproducing the Late Part of a Room Impulse Response in a Listening Room
A System for Adapting Broadcast Sound to the Aural Characteristics of Elderly Listeners
A Comparison between Spatial Audio Listener Training and Repetitive Practice
Quantified Total Consonance as an Assessment Parameter for the Sound Quality
Music Genre Categorization in Humans and Machines
Decoding Second Order Ambisonics to 5.1 Surround Systems
Artificial Reverberation: Comparing Algorithms by Using Binaural Analysis Tools
Loudspeaker and Room Response Modeling with Psychoacoustic Warping, Linear Prediction, and Parametric Filters
Contactless Hearing Aid for Infants Employing Signal Processing Algorithms
An Enhanced Implementation of the ADRess (Azimuth Discrimination and Resynthesis) Music Source Separation Algorithm
A Simple, Robust Measure of Reverberation Echo Density
Pole-Zero Analysis of the Soundfield in Small Rooms at Low Frequencies
Modelling of Loudspeaker Systems using High-Resolution Data
Software Based Live Sound Measurements
Detection of Localized Sound Leaks in Walls and Their Effects on the Speech Privacy (Security) of Closed Rooms
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