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Distortion of Auditory Perspective Produced by Interchannel Mixing at High and Low Audio Frequencies
Subjective Evaluation of Factors Affecting 2-Channel Stereophony
Correlation Techniques for Speech Bandwidth Compression
The Reduction of Wind Noise in Microphones and The Pitfalls of Improvised Wind Screens
Personal Microphones
The Integrated Use of Miniature RF Microphones in Television Studio Production Versus Pre-Recording
Compact Arrays of High Power Horn Drivers for Generating Intense Sound Fields
Minimizing Interference Effects in Tweeters and Tweeter-Woofer Combinations
Analysis of the Effects of Nonlinear Elements Upon the Performance of a Back Enclosed Direct Radiator Loudspeaker Mechanism
Isolation Network for Combined Bass Stereo Reproducers
The Design of Low Noise Transistor Audio Amplifiers
Class B Power Amplifier Performance with Silicon Transistors
A High Power Stereo OTL Amplifier
Design Considerations of Transistorized Public Address Systems
New Approach to Tone Arm Design
Sound Control Techniques for the Legitimate Theatre and Opera
-Colorless- Artificial Reverberation
Acoustic Considerations in the Design of Recording Studios
An Omnifunctional Tri-Channel Stereophonic Control Center
A Suggested Layout for a Stereo Mastering Installation
A High-Quality 8mm Sound Movie Projector
Broadcasting Closed Circuit and Via Public Transmission Channels Through Master Control Facilities in the Loeb Student Center, New York University
A Spectrographic Study of Formant Tracking
Electronic Production of Choral Tone
A Microphone with an Elastic Cable: The Vega-Mike System
Tape Talking Book System for the Blind
Tape Recorder Designed for the Blind
A Miniature Combination Record, Reproduce, and Erase Head for 8 Millimeter Magnetic Sound on Film Systems
Electronic Production of Percussive Sounds
Speech Compression by Analysis-Synthesis
The Fundamentals of Loudspeaker Design
Design of a Stereophonic Pickup Cartridge
A Modern Acoustic Missile Launch Locator, The AN/TNS-5
A Professional System for Paging, Music, and Signalling in Schools
A High Sensitivity Power Pentode Using the "Shadow Grid" Technique
The Effect of Bias Amplitude on Response at Very Short Wavelengths
The Design of a Portable Professional Recorder
A New Portable Stereo Mixer
Reproduction Distortion-It's Measurement and Influence on Stereo Phonograph Cartridge Design
Mechanical Impedance at the Stylus and the Design of Stereo Phonograph Cartridges
The Audio and Electroacoustics Committee of the Institute of Radio Engineers -- Its Responsibilities and Methods of Operation
An 8mm Sound Camera and Projector
The Use of Audio Visual Aids by Public Safety Agencies
A High Performance Amplifier for Studio and Broadcast Use
Tokyo Olympic 1964 Games Sound System
A Power Supply for Transistor-Type Amplifiers
La Scala
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