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IPA ' A Subjective Assessment Method Of Sound Quality Of Car Sound Systems
New Planar Magnetic Loudspeakers for Automotive Sound Systems
AQT ' A New Objective Measurement Of The Acoustical Quality Of Sound Reproduction In Small Compartments
Subjective Evaluation of 2-Channel Vs Surround Formats in Vehicles
Performance of Loudspeaker Whizzers
Multimedia in cars: The use of Logic 7 surround processing as the solution to the challenge of providing surround sound in cars from all 2 channel and encoded 5.1 sources.
Test Signals for the Objective and Subjective Evaluation of Automotive Audio Systems
The Sound Design System
A System for Multi-Channel and Binaural Room Response Measurements
Estimation of Modal Decay Parameters from Noisy Response Measurements
Quality evaluation in broadcasting withTocade Audio Monitor
A low cost Intensity probe
Health Impairing Aspects by Headphones Electro-Magnetic Fields
Processor-efficient implementation of a high quality MPEG-2 AAC encoder
A Multichannel Audio Coding Algorithm for Inter-Channel Redundancy Removal
Compander Domain Approach to Scalable AAC
An Embedding Codec for Multiple Generations Compression Based on MPEG-1 Layer III
Audio coding with a masking threshold adapted wavelet packet based on run-time reconfigurable processor architecture
Low delay audio coding incorporating psycho-acoustic information
Error Protection and Concealment for HILN MPEG-4 Parametric Audio Coding
Avoiding overlapping in a time-varying wavelet-packet based audio coder
Realtime implementations of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 natural audio coders
Loudspeaker Litz Wire
Line Arrays: Theory and Applications
Crossover Systems in Digital Loudspeakers
Sound directivity control using striped panel loudspeaker
Phase Considerations in Loudspeaker Systems
Fast and Accurate Measurement of the Linear Transducer Parameters
Far-Field Loudspeaker Interaction: Accuracy in Theory and Practice
Speaker Auralization ' Subjective Evaluation of Nonlinear Distortion
Determination of Influence of Visual Cues on Perception of Spatial Sound
Room Masking: Understanding and Modelling the Masking of Reflections in Rooms
Psychophysically-derived control of source range for the Pioneer Sound Field Controller
CARROUSO - An European Approach to 3D-Audio
Auditory periphery, HRTF's and directional loudness perception
A Scalable Spatial Sound Rendering System
A framework for evaluating virtual acoustic environments
SSAVV: A Loudspeaker Systems Simulation Software
Horn's directivity related to the pressure distribution at their mouth: part 2
Verification of an approach for transient strucural simulation of loudspeakers incorporating damping
Series-Type Passive Crossover Networks. Part 1: First and Less-Than-Second Order Crossovers
Electronically controlled loudspeaker arrays without side lobes.
Listening Test Results from a new Digital Loudspeaker/Room Correction Systems
The effect of porous materials on the acoustic response of DML panels
Design principles for symmetrical band-pass loudspeaker systems of sixth and eighth order
Signal-Adapted Wavelet for Pitch Detection of Musical Signals
Means of integrating audio content analysis algorithms
An Audio-Driven, Spectral Analysis-Based, Perceptual Synthesis Engine
A Speech-Based Frequency Scale
A Novel Portamento Embedded Model For Analysis and Synthesis of Musical Sound
Restoration and Enhancement of Instrumental Recordings Based on Sound Source Modeling
Synthesising Prosody with Variable Resolution
Accurate Sinusoidal Model Analysis and Parameter Reduction by Fusion of Components
Automatic Recognition of Musical Instrument Sounds - Further Developments
The 48-Volt Phantom Menace
The Quick Reference Guide to Multichannel Microphone Arrays - Part I : using Cardioid Microphones
Improved microphone array configurations for auralization of sound fields by Wave Field Synthesis.
Omnis and Spheres - Revisited
Optimization of the diffuse field performance of a miniature highly directional array microphone.
Proximity effect and space characteristics of microphones
Suppression of Switch Mode Power Supply Noise in Digital Microphones
Proximity Effect of microphone
Design and Implementation of a Real-Time Audio Service using MPEG-2 AAC and Streaming Technology.
Combined Compression / Watermarking for Audio Signals
Robust, multi-functional, and high quality audio audiowatermarking technology
A compatible family of bitstream watermarking schemes for MPEG-Audio
Full-Text Indexing of Very Large Audio Data Bases
Development of a distance-learning environment, using database driven dynamic web pages. Application for digital audio internet courses
Online Archives - the Pressure of Metadata
A Networked Sound Reinforcement and Announcement System for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games
Sound Conditioning and Acoustical Sound Design for Office Working Places
Merging software for sound reinforcement systems and for room acoustics
Determining Optimum Room Dimensions for Critical Listening Environments: A New Methodology
Extraction of Speech Transmission Index from Speech Signals Using Artificial Neural Networks
The wave field analysis and synthesis of an acoustic filed in rooms using the concept of a direction of arrival algorithm
The acoustic conditions in Finnish concert spaces - Preliminary results
Sound System Design for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
Analysis, Design and Assessment of Class A, B, AB, G and H Audio Power Amplifier Output Stages Based on Matlab Software
Not-Linear Convolution: A New Approach For The Auralization Of Distorting Systems
Pre- and De-Emphasis - A Forgotten Necessity
A Distortion-free PWM Coder for All-digital Audio Amplifiers
Smart directional and diffuse digital loudspeaker arrays
Optimized DSP Implementation of Non-Linear Quantization
Sound equalization in a noisy environment
Zero Position Coding (ZePoC) - A Generalised Concept of Pulse-Length Modulated Signals and its Application to Class-D Audio Power Amplfiers
Multichannel and "SOR" principles for conferencing and teleconferencing systems
Stereo+C: An All-Purpose Arrangement of Microphones Using Three Frontal Channels
Optimisation and Subjective Assessment of Surround Sound Microphone Arrays
Metering for Multichannel Audio
Recent developments on WFS for high quality spatial sound reproduction
Computation of Generalized Mutual Information from Multichannel Audio Data
Optimal source distribution system for virtual acoustic imaging.
Surround Sound Impact over Large Areas
Problems Related to Surround Sound Production
Neural Networks Applied to Sound Localization Detection
MPEG-2 AAC Multi-Channel Real-Time Implementation on a Single Floating Point DSP
DSD-Wide. A Practical Implementation for Professional Audio.
Kautz filters and generalized frequency resolution - Theory and audio applications
Segmentation of Musical Signals Using Hidden Markov Models.
AudioID: Towards Content-Based Identification of Audio Material
Time-variant Orthogonal Matrix Feedback Delay Network Reverberator
Broad-Band Acoustic Noise Reduction using a Novel Frequency Depended Parametric Wiener Filter. Implementations using Filter-bank, STFT and Wavelet Analysis/Synthesis Techniques.
An investigation of interaural time difference fluctuations, part 1: the subjective spatial effect of fluctuations delivered over headphones
A New Listener Training Software Application
Active Listening room simulator: Part 1
Evaluation of Five Commercial Stereo Enhancement 3D Audio Software Plug-ins
Perceptual and semantic scaling for user-centered control over distortion-based guitar effects
Graphical elicitation techniques for subjective assessment of the spatial attributes of loudspeaker reproduction ' a pilot investigation
An investigation of interaural time difference fluctuations, part 2: dependence of the subjective spatial effect on audio frequency
A Jitter Simulator on Digital Data
Variance of Sweet Spot Size with Head Location for Virtual Audio
Investigation of Practical 1-bit Delta-Sigma Conversion for Professional AudioApplications
Achieving Effective Dither in Delta-Sigma Modulation Systems
The Practical Performance Limits of multi-bit Sigma-Delta modulation
Why 1-Bit Sigma-Delta Conversion is Unsuitable for High-Quality Applications
Why Direct Stream Digital (DSD) is the best choice as a digital audio format.
SDM versus LPCM: the debate continues
Towards a Better Understanding of 1-Bit Sigma-Delta Modulators
Editing and switching in 1-bit audio streams
Digital audio power amplifiers using Sigma Delta Modulation - Linearity problems in the class-D power stage
Detection threshold for tones above 22 kHz
Coloration of Amplitude-Panned Virtual Sources
Uses and misuses of psychophysical methods in the evaluation of spatial sound reproduction
Recognition of Everyday Auditory Scenes: Potentials, Latencies and Cues
GLS - A generalised listener selection procedure
Perceptual (ir)relevance of HRTF magnitude and phase spectra
Progress in Perceptual Transfer Function Measurement - Tonal Balance
Development of an engineering application for subjective evaluation of human response to noise
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