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Automated Processes in Audio for Video Postproduction
A Realistic Approach to Complete Integration in Audio Post
Using Digital Sound Editing to Manage Late Picture Changes
Automation and Control of EQ, Gain and Panning via Segment Based Processing in SoundStation DSP Systems
A Modular, All-Digital, Automated Mixing and Processing System for TV
A Rhythmo-Band Dialogue Replacement Technique
Timing Inter-Relations for Audio with Video
Standardization of Digital Audio File Exchange-A Progress Report
Digital Audio Recording Technology in Television
Digital Audio in TV Broadcasting
The Practical Use and Distribution of Digital Audio Recording Technology in Television
Digital Audio in the Digital Video Studio-A Disappearing Act?
Digital Audio in the Digital Video Studio, Part 2: What Happened to the Other 4 Bits?
An Audio Workstation Network for Television Postproduction
Considerations When Using Digital Audio in Video Production Recorders
Digital Audio for -Saturday Night Live-
Microphone and Spatial Techniques for Stereo & Surround Sound Television
Television Sound and Viewer Perceptions
Microphone Selection and Balance Techniques for Television, Stereo, and Surround Sound
Binaural Sound for Television
The Use of MS Techniques and MS Signals in Swedish Television
A Review of Microphone Techniques Optimized for Spatial Control Sound in Television
On the Naturalness of Two-Channel Stereo Sound
Television and Audio/Video Production Techniques Using the Stereosurround Audio Production Format
Surround Broacasting in Japan
Spatial Sound for New Television
Matching the Sound to the Picture
High Definition Sound for High Definition Television
HDTV Sound Systems: How Many Channels?
Distance Control System for a Sound Image
Crossroads to the 21st Century
Format Choices for the Future
Characteristics of the Magnetic Recording Systems of the Next Century
Open Architecture Television
Plasma Addressed Liquid Crystal (PALC), A New Flat Panel Technology for Full-Color Video
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