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Chairman's Message
Advances in Digital Audio Technology
An Introduction to Digital Audio
Digital Audio Engineering in Consumer Audio Products in Japan
Digital Audio Equipment for Professional Use
The Practice of Digital Audio Recording
The Present Situation of Digital Audio Engineering in Europe
Standardization in Professional Digital Audio Engineering at the AES
Application of Parallel Digital Interface for the Interconnection of Digital Audio Equipment
8-Channel Digital Audio Mixer for Digital Mastering and Recording
A Digital Mixer/Equalizer for Mastering Utilizing DSP
Sound Transmission Systems for Direct Broadcasting Satellites: PCM Sound Broadcasting in Direct Broadcasting Satellite
Program Production Techniques for High-Quality Sound Broadcasting by Satellite
A New Digital Audio Data Transmission System for CATV Networks
Influence of Group Delay Distortion of Low-Pass Filters on Tone Quality for Digital Audio Systems
The Measuring Computer for the Digital Audio Age
A PCM Data Detection System for Long-Play Mode VCRs
State-Of-The-Art Techniques in Digital to Analog Conversion
A Vertical Phased Array Speaker System for the Digital Audio Era
Digital Still Picture System of AHD
A Digital Audio Disc Using Adaptive Delta Modulation
Servo Systems Presenting High Playability
Signal Processing Circuit for CD Player
Digital Filter CMOS LSI for CD Player
PCM Multitrack System on the 8mm VTR
On the System Design and the Signal Processing of a Rotary Head DAT
Signal Processing on an Experimental Digital Audio Tape Recorder
On a Signal Processing Method of Stationary Head Type Digital Audio Tape Recorder
Digital Equalization on the Stationary Head Type DAT
Thin-Film Head Incorporating Write Circuit
A Multitrack IC Head for Digital Audio
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