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Adaptive Virtual Surround Sound Rendering Method for An Arbitrary Listening Position
Virtual Acoustic Spaces With Multiple Reverberation Enhancement Systems
The Effect of Features on Clustering in Audio Surveillance
Audio Data Hiding: Improving Detection Using Turbo Codes
A Fast Reverberation Estimator for Virtual Environments
Binaural Sound Source Localization Based On Steered Beamformer With Spherical Scatterer
Objective and Subjective Comparison of Electrodynamic and MAP Loudspeakers for Wave Field Synthesis
Networked Music Performance: State of the Art
Ambience Separation from Mono Recordings Using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
Indexing of Lattice Codevectors Applied to Error Resilient Audio Coding
Extracting and Re-Rendering Structured Auditory Scenes from Field Recordings
Synchronization of Audio-Visual Content to a Motion Picture Film
Perception and Detection of Auditory Offsets With Single Simple Musical Stimuli in a Reverberant Environment
Plane Wave Decomposition With Regularization Using a Single Rotating Microphone
Source Directivity Simulation in Digital Waveguide Mesh-Based Room Acoustics Models
The Use of 3D-Audio in a Multi-Modal Teleoperation Platform for Remote Driving/Supervision
Fusing Grouping Cues for Partials Using Artificial Neural Networks
A Perceptual Approach to the Composition of Meaning in Artificial Spatial Audio
Investigation of the Perceived Spatial Resolution of Higher Order Ambisonics Sound Fields: A Subjective Evaluation Involving Virtual and Real 3D Microphones
Modeling the Attenuation of a Loosely-Fit Insert Headphone for Augmented Reality Audio
Teleconference Application and B-Format Microphone Array for Directional Audio Coding
Analysis of Near-Field Effects of Wave Field Synthesis Using Linear Loudspeaker Arrays
Predicting Binaural Masking Level Difference and Dichotic Pitch Using Instantaneous Ild Model
Multichannel Surround Format Conversion and Generalized Upmix
A Room Acoustics Measurement Technique Based on a Perceptual Model for Annoyance Minimization
Matrix Surround Revisited
Limitations of All-Digital, Networked Wireless, Adaptive Audio Systems
Future of Personal Audio: Smart Applications and Immersive Communication
Intelligent Audio in VoIP: Benefits, Challenges and Solutions
Plane Wave Loudspeaker With Signal Processing Enhancements
Acoustic Source Detection, Characterization, and Localization from Diffracting Microphone Array
Influence of Interaction On Perceived Quality in Audio Visual Applications: Subjective Assessment With n-Back Working Memory Task
Identifying Saxophonists from Their Playing Styles
Prediction of Perceived Quality in Multi-Channel Audio Compression Coding Systems
Reverberation Modeling Using Velvet Noise
The Precedence Effect of Sound from Side Direction
On-The-Fly Auditory Masking for Scalable VoIP Bridges
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