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Practical Considerations for Field Deployment of Modular Line Array Systems
Q-factor Modification for Low-frequency Room Modes
Architectural Acoustics in Russia
The Realization of Ambisonics and Ambiophonics Listening Room "Arlecchino" for Car Sound Systems Evaluation
An Inexpensive Precise Passive Crossover System
Drawing Quality Maps of the Sweet Spot and Its Surroundings in Multichannel Reproduction and Coding
Room Acoustic Quality of a Multipurpose Hall : A Case Study - How to Dress a Cinema for Music Performances
Further Developments of Methods for Searching Optimum Musical and Rhythmic Feature Vectors
Some Rules and Methods for Creation of Surround Sound
Distributed Sound Reinforcement for Multiple Talker Locations
Loudspeaker Placement for Enhanced Monitor Sound Field and Increased Performer Source Positioning
The Influence of Losses on the Frequency Response of the Band-Pass Loudspeaker Systems
Speech Reinforce Inside Vehicles
Initial Investigation of an Air/Air Interface as an Acoustic Boundary for Sound Control at Outdoor Events
Efficiency of Noise Barriers with Non-straight Edge Profiles
A New Criterion for Concert Hall Loudness Evaluation
An Efficient Auralization of Edge Diffraction
Sophisticated Tube Headphones for Spatial Sound Reproduction
Observed Effects of HRTF Measurement Signal Level
New Digital Filter Techniques for Room Response Modeling
Measurements of the Scattering Coefficient of Surfaces in a Reverberation Room
Acoustic Normal Mode Analysis for Coupled Rooms
Low Frequency Room Excitation using Distributed Mode Loudspeakers
Implementation of Intelligibility Algorithms into EASE 4.0
Modifying STI to Better Reflect Subjective Impression
Non-stationary Filtering Methods for Audio Signals
Multichannel Simulation and Reproduction of Virtual Acoustic Environments with Walls of Unequal Absorption
Spatial Audio Reproduction using Distributed Mode Loudspeaker Arrays
Analysis of Deformation on Coated Paperboard During a Scratch Test by AE
Analysis of Sound Radiated by Paperboard Die Cutting
Measurements of Church Impulse Responses using a Circular Microphone Array for Natural Spatial Reproduction of a Choir Concert Recording
Casa da Musica, a New Concert Hall for Porto, Portugal
Echo Compensation by Equalizer with Precise Spectrum Estimation
Dual Range Horn with Acoustic Crossover
Loudspeaker Array Simulator with Coordinated Positioning of Elements
Improving Perceptual Coding of Wideband Audio Signal When Taking into Consideration of Temporal Masking
A Special Form of Noise Reduction
Stereo Boundary Microphone Techniques for Live Staged Performances - Development of a New Mid/Side Boundary Stage Microphone
Audio-visual Perception of Video and Multimedia Programs
Acoustical Measurements of Courtyard-Type Traditional Chinese Theater in East China
Acoustic Design of the Great Philharmonic Hall in the Moscow International Music Dome (MIMD)
An Evaluation of Audio Warning Signals through Localization Behavior of the Eyes
Distance Coding in 3D Sound Fields
The Newest Methods and Models of the Expert Quality Evaluation of Audio and Video Images
Nonlinear Model of Condenser Microphone Capsule
Problems of Theory and Designing for Directional Interference Microphones
The New Symphony Hall in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Algorithms of Digital Audio Data Compression; Standards, Problems and Perspectives of Development
Realisation of an Adaptive Cross-talk Cancellation System for a Moving Listener
Subjective Validation of Perception Properties in Binaural Sound Reproduction Systems
An Objective Model of Localisation in Binaural Sound Reproduction Systems
Acoustics Design of the Music Suite in Taipei National University of Arts
Cinematographic Audio Equipment Development in Russia
A Problem of Efficiency of Loudspeakers
Dynamic Behavior of the Nonholonomic Mechanical Systems in Changeable Working Regime
FSQ is for 'Fast Sound Quality': New Techniques for Assessment of Sound Quality of a Car Audio System
Operational Methods of Forming Sound Field in a Room
A Problem of Distortions at Electroacoustic Conversion
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