52nd AES Conference: Papers

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List of papers presented at the conference

Papers can now be downloaded from the AES E-Library.

Paper title Corresponding author Invited/keynote
Active control of sound fields: enhancing signals and attenuating noise Steve Elliott Keynote
Creative Sound Field Control Frank Melchior Keynote
Evaluation of spatial sound fields; how far can we get with perceptual models? Armin Kohlrausch Keynote
Design of a prototype variable directivity loudspeaker for improved surround sound reproduction in rooms Mark Poletti Invited
Sound-field control in enclosures by spherical arrays Boaz Rafaely Invited
Active Acoustic Absorbers Revisited Martial Rousseau Invited
Sound field reproduction of real flight recordings in cabin mock-up Philippe-Aubert Gauthier Invited
Arrangements Of A Pair Of Loudspeakers For Sound Field Control With Double-Layer Arrays Jiho Chang Invited
Loudspeaker array processing for multi-zone audio reproduction based on analytical and measured electroacoustical transfer functions Mincheol Shin Invited
Source-width extension technique for the sound field reproduction Jung-Woo Choi Invited
Is sound field control determined at all frequencies? How is it related to numerical acoustics? Franz Zotter Invited
Control of Velocity for Sound Field Reproduction Mincheol Shin Invited
Objective evaluation of sound field and sound environment reproduction in aircraft mock-ups using acoustic imaging Philippe-Aubert Gauthier Invited
Quasi Wave Field Synthesis : Efficient Driving Functions for Improved 2.5D Sound Field Reproduction Dylan Menzies Invited
Intelligent multichannel signal processing for future audio reproduction systems Karlheinz Brandenburg Invited
Spatial PCM Sampling: a new method for sound recording and playback Angelo Farina Invited
Design of a Source Array for the Rendering of a Desired Sound Field Using the Equivalent Source Method Wan-Ho Cho Invited
A vector quantization-based compression scheme for wave field synthesis source signals Georgios Lilis Contributed
A comparison between control strategies for a car cabin personal audio system Jordan Cheer Contributed
Apparent Source Width and Listener Envelopment in relation to Source-Listener Distance Hyunkook Lee Contributed
The design of a personal audio superdirective array in a room Marcos Simon Galvez Contributed
A comparative performance study of sound zoning methods in a reflective environment Marek Olik Contributed
Optimizing the planarity of sound zones Philip Coleman Contributed
GPU-based WFS systems with mobile Virtual Sound Sources and Room Compensation Jose A. Belloch Contributed
Acoustic Element and Array Design Approaches Graeme Huon Contributed
Alternate Audio Reproduction Formats Graeme Huon Contributed
Real-time Sound Field Transmission System by Using Wave Field Reconstruction Filter and Its Subjective Listening Test Shoichi Koyama Contributed
Multichannel-To-Wave Field Synthesis Upmixing Technique Based On Sound Source Separation Keunwoo Choi Contributed
Perception of Reconstructed Soundfields: The Dirty Little Secret Anthony Tucker Contributed
Sound Field Control For A Low-Frequency Test Facility Christian Pedersen Contributed
Cognitive maps in spatial sound Peter Lennox Contributed
The Uncanny Valley of Spatial Voice Glenn Dickins Contributed
The Prediction of the Acceptability of Auditory Interference Based on Audibility Khan Baykaner Contributed
On the potential for Scene Analysis from Compact Microphone Arrays Glenn Dickins Contributed
Soundfield Rendering for Distributed Audiences Gavin Kearney Contributed
Data-based binaural synthesis including rotational and translatory head-movements Frank Schultz Contributed
Sound zones: scattering study with head and torso simulator Martin Olsen Contributed
GPU implementation of a frequency-domain modified filtered-x LMS algorithm for multichannel local active noise control Jorge Lorente Contributed
Perceptually Optimised Loudspeaker Selection for the Creation of Personal Sound Zones Jon Francombe Contributed
Relaxation Effects Of Binaural Phenomena Zlatko Baracskai Contributed
Sound field simulation using extrapolated impulse responses of loudspeakers Nara Hahn Contributed

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