AES HC Minutes, 114th Conv, 2003-03-24

Minutes of the AES Historical Committee at the
114th AES Convention, 2003-03-24, in Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

The Historical Committee meeting took place on Monday, 2003 March 24, at the RAI Conference Center, Room J, from 10:00 to 12:00. The meeting was chaired by Historical Committee Vice Chair Irv Joel.

Attending: Jurgen Herre, Alex Balster, Cor Doesberg, Kees Immink, Reinhard Sahr, Stan Tempelaars, Berlinghini Gualtiero, Irina Aldoshina, Robert Beppetto, Louis Manno, Irv Joel (vice chair), Ted Sheldon (secretary)

1 Opening Greeting
Alex Balster, project leader for the Historical Events at this convention,  welcomed attendees, distributed agendas and introduced HC vice chair Irv Joel who chaired the meeting.

2 Introduction of attendees
Persons attending the meeting introduced themselves and indicated their affiliation.

3 Amendments to and approval of agenda
The agenda ( was approved as distributed.

4 Approval of previous minutes, and remark on the approval procedure
The minutes from the previous meeting (113th Convention, 2002-10-07, in Los Angeles, CA) can be found on the AES Historical Committee (HC) website.(  They were approved without objection.  It was noted that the attendance at the European and North American meetings is almost completely different, making it hard to approve minutes.  Approval of meeting notes via the HC website seems the best way to proceed.

5 Committee Report to the Governors
The Committee-s report to the AES Governors appears on the website ( )as it was submitted by the Chair.

6 Report on ongoing projects

 6.1 Report from this convention
Alex Balster reviewed the HC presentations that have taken place (e.g., Polygram producer) at this convention ( ).  For the first time, the HC exhibit and presentations were moved to the main convention floor resulting in much higher attendance at both the exhibits and the presentations.  Different experiences in Europe and North America were noted and their successes applauded.

 6.2 AES HC website
Members are encouraged to look at, comment upon and contribute to the website ( ).

 6.3 Proposals for new projects
New projects are always encouraged.  The HC has a small budget so it is not possible to pay the expenses of individuals who serve as project leaders, but some funds exist to pay for special expenses.

 6.4 Oral History Project (OHP)
The OHP has recorded interviews with about 100 persons who have made important contributions to the history of audio ( ).  Any form of oral interview is acceptable, but a release form must be signed to allow use of the recording.  The OHP recordings are not being transcribed owing to lack of funds.  In three months a series of recordings will be placed on the AESHC web site. It was suggested that companies might be willing to support the production of a CD-ROM/DVD of historical figures discussing their contributions.  Members and others are encouraged to help with the oral recording of prominent persons, including suggesting persons to be interviewed.  It was noted that AES sections could help with the project.

7 Suggestions on historical projects.
     7.1  Preliminary of plans for the 115th convention in New York
  Plans for the New York convention were presented by Irv Joel (  David Baker has taken responsibility for the HC presentations in New York.  The format will remain the same as recent presentations in the US, but audio in the digital domain will be added.

     7.2  Date of the next European convention
  The next European convention will take place in Berlin, Germany on 2004 May 8-11.

     7.3  Archiving historical recordings
Alex Balster made a proposal ( ) to create a central repository for oral history sound recordings.  Discussion of archiving media and formats used by the HC ensued.

8 Other new business
 There was no new business

9 Date for next meeting.
The next meeting of the HC will occur at the 115th AES Convention on 2003 October 10...13 in New York, USA.  The probable date is 2003 October 12.

Minutes submitted by Ted Sheldon, HC Secretary   2003-04-11.
Edited & html  jm  2003-05-23

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