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Student Recording Competition Bronze Award Winner Alla Evdokimova

Alla Evdokimova won Bronze for her Remix Category submission.

Alla Evdokimova won Bronze for her Remix Category submission.


  1. Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and what do you study?

    My name is Alla Evdokimova. I am a student of Den Haag Royal Conservatory in The Netherlands. My main direction in the department Art of Sound - Music Production.


  1. What initiated your passion for audio? When did it start?

    I realised that I want to learn about audio when writing music in LogicX as demo examples of my compositions for the band "Umbra Falstrwti" which had been formed from students of jazz department of Amsterdam Conservatory .  I always felt that, for me, the music world had always been something I could embrace from so many sides and sound itself became the most powerful source of inspiration for me.


  1. Tell us about the production of your submission. What is the story behind it? What inspired it? How long did you work on it? Was it your first entry?

    I didn't choose the category right away. When I thought about the application, I had recently returned from Singapore exchange and passed by my house in Russia, where I met a group of DJ enthusiasts who taught  me the important basics about this culture and techniques. As simple as that, right after my return I thought that "Remix" will be a great experience to try. I worked on the track for 2 months, customising it with AbletonLive Plug-ins and authentic sound design. It was my first entry.


  1. What/Who made you join AES?

    My tutor and great friend Bert Kraaijpoel!Thanks to him I am where I am now in my audio path!


  1. Tell us about your favorite experiences at the 148th AES convention online.

I loved the presentation and work of Sound for Visuals Category. It showed an incredibly high level of professionalism and creativity from students.


Posted: Friday, July 3, 2020

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