AES Standards, comment archive

Updated 2009-07-20

This page is an archive of AESSC documents which have completed their Call for Comment period.
Click on a document name to see the record of comments received. Note that earlier records may show irregular formatting, however the text is authentic.

2009-04-15 Withdrawal of AES-5id Withdrawal rescinded, document reaffirmed
2009-02-23 Draft revised AES11 Revised document published
2008-11-13 Draft revised AES6 Revised document published
2008-11-13 Draft revised AES10 Revised document published
2008-11-13 Draft AES31-2 Am.1 Amendment published
2008-11-13 Draft AES47 Am.1 Amendment published
2008-11-03 Reaffirmation of AES22 Reaffirmed
2008-10-27 Reaffirmation of AES28 Reaffirmed
2008-09-16 Draft AES54-1 Document published
2008-09-16 Draft AES54-2 Document published
2008-09-16 Draft AES54-3 Document published
2008-09-11 Draft AES56 Document published
2008-08-11 Draft AES3 Am.6 Amendment published
2008-08-10 Draft revised AES5 Revised document published
2008-07-01 Draft AES58 Document published
2008-02-07 Draft revised AES31-3 Revised document published
2008-01-18 Draft AES3 Am.5 Amendment published
2007-12-17 Draft AES55 Document published
2007-11-15 Reaffirmation of AES20 Reaffirmed
2007-10-31 Reaffirmation of AES27 Reaffirmed
2007-07-04 Reaffirmation of AES46 Reaffirmed
2007-02-13 Reaffirmation of AES-4id Reaffirmed
2006-12-28 Draft revised AES-2id Revised document published
2006-12-07 Draft AES-12id Document published
2006-11-10 Draft revised AES-6id Revised document published
2006-11-01 Draft AES-11id Document published
2006-10-20 Reaffirmation of AES26 Reaffirmed
2006-10-20 Reaffirmation of AES45 Reaffirmed
2006-07-14 Draft AES53 Document published
2006-07-08 Reaffirmation of AES-3id Reaffirmed
2006-07-08 Reaffirmation of AES31-1 Reaffirmed
2006-04-03 Draft AES31-2 Document published
2006-03-10 Draft AES51 Document published
2006-02-23 Draft revised AES42 Revised document published
2005-11-24 Draft AES52 Document published
2005-11-09 Draft AES51 Document published
2005-11-09 Draft revised AES47 Revised document published
2005-09-02 Reaffirmation of AES35 Reaffirmed
2005-09-02 Reaffirmation of AES38 Reaffirmed
2005-08-03 Reaffirmation of AES43 Reaffirmed
2005-07-20 Reaffirmation of AES41 Reaffirmed
2005-04-30 Draft AES49 Document published
2005-03-08 Draft AES50 Document published
2005-02-16 Reaffirmation of AES7 Reaffirmed
2004-11-22 Draft revised AES-10id Revised document published
2004-10-26 Draft AES48 Document published
2004-05-25 Withdrawal of AES24-1 Document withdrawn
2004-05-25 Withdrawal of AES24-2 Document withdrawn
2004-02-13 Withdrawal of AES33 Document withdrawn
2003-11-24 Reaffirmation of AES14 Reaffirmed
2003-11-24 Reaffirmation of AES17 Reaffirmed
2003-07-10 Draft revised AES11 Revised document published
2003-07-02 Draft revised AES5 Revised document published
2003-06-02 Draft revised AES3 Revised document published
2003-03-10 Withdrawal of AES19 Document withdrawn
2003-02-14 Reaffirmation of AES-1id Reaffirmed
2003-02-05 Draft revised AES10 Revised document published
2002-12-10 Reaffirmation of AES6 Reaffirmed
2002-11-30 Reaffirmation of AES-5id Reaffirmed
2002-11-30 Reaffirmation of AES2 Reaffirmed
2002-11-27 Reaffirmation of AES22 Reaffirmed
2002-11-26 Reaffirmation of AES28 Reaffirmed
2002-11-15 Draft revised AES10 Document published
2002-03-07 Draft AES46 Document published
2002-01-31 Reaffirmation of AES20 Reaffirmed
2002-01-31 Reaffirmation of AES27 Reaffirmed
2002-01-31 Withdrawal of AES15 Document withdrawn
2002-01-23 Reaffirmation of AES18 Reaffirmed
2002-01-18 Draft AES47 Document published
2001-03-09 Draft AES31-1 Document published
2001-03-09 Draft revised AES10 Call for comment withdrawn
2001-01-08 Draft AES45 Document published
2001-01-08 Draft revised AES-3id Revised document published
2000-12-01 Reaffirmation of AES6 Reaffirmed
2000-10-02 Reaffirmation of AES-2id Reaffirmed
2000-09-07 Draft AES-4id Document published
2000-09-07 Draft AES42 Document published
2000-09-04 Reaffirmation of AES-10id Reaffirmed
2000-03-09 Draft AES28 Am.1 Amendment published
2000-03-09 Draft revised AES26 Revised document published
2000-01-31 Draft AES41 Document published
2000-01-15 Draft AES35 Document published
1999-09-14 Draft AES-6id Document published
1999-04-23 Draft AES33 Document published
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