Comments on DRAFT AES54-3-xxxx

last updated 2008-12-18

Comments to date on DRAFT AES54-3-xxxx, AES standard on interconnections - Grounding and EMC practices - Shields of microphone-level outputs of active equipment other than microphones,
published 2008-09-16 for comment.

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Comment received from M. Schneider, 2008-09-17

Same as AES54-1 and AES54-2, AES54-3 describes only "balanced" interconnections. This should be explicitly mentioned in the title.

Proposal: AES54-3 Title should read: "Shields of balanced microphone-level outputs of active equipment other than microphones"

Best regards,

Martin Schneider
Georg Neumann GmbH, Berlin
Mic. Development

Reply from B.C. Olson, chair of SC-05-05, 2008-09-24

Dear Martin,

Thank you for your comments.

Agreed. The title will be changed as an editorial matter prior to publication.

Bruce C. Olson
Chair SC-05-05
AES - Audio Engineering Society