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[Last printing 31 May 2000] Comments to date on Draft AES33-xxxx DRAFT AES standard -- For audio interconnections -- Database of multiple-program connection configurations published 1999-04-23 for comment. Comment period is now closed.

Josephson 1999-07-23

From: 23-JUL-1999 20:15:37.10

The draft standard calls out "usage" but this must be clarified. For any such database to be of practical application, it is important to include the function name and pin number of every conductor path through the connector. Also, the manufacturer's part number is to be preferred over a vendor's number. I will be pleased to contribute the data I have on the Northern California standards using MS connectors which have been in cooperative use for more than 30 years.

If we can achieve such a database, it will be of great help to workers in the field nearly everywhere.

David Josephson / Josephson Engineering / San Jose CA /

Reply by Standards Manager 1999-08-15

The comments of David Josephson have been referred to me as Standards Manager by the working group because they appear to be editorial and administrative. The comments refer to the set-up of the data submittal form (DGF-MPC) for the data base. This matter is not in the scope of AES33, which in scoped to cover only the organization and maintenance of the data base, not its content. Questions about the form could be considered to fall under clause 5 which govern the submittal of data, but are more likely to be considered by the SC-05-03-D task group of SC-05-03 maintaining the data base. That group has examined Josephson's comments and agrees that the submittal form should be clarified as he suggests.

Dan Queen

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