Comments on DRAFT AES54-2-xxxx

last updated 2008-12-18

Comments to date on DRAFT AES54-2-xxxx, AES standard on interconnections - Grounding and EMC practices - Shields of balanced audio wiring within fixed and portable passive connector panels, jack fields, and passive microphone splitters,
published 2008-09-16 for comment.

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Comment received from M. Schneider, 2008-09-17

4.1.4. Bypass capacitors
NOTE 3 mentions bypass capacitors needed for testing "panels". Should this not read "equipment", or was it intentionally restricted to "panels"?

Proposal: 4.1.4. NOTE 3 to read: "... Suitable bypass capacitors are very likely to be needed on equipment that will be subjected to such testing."

Martin Schneider
Georg Neumann GmbH, Berlin
Mic. Development

Reply from B.C. Olson, chair of SC-05-05, 2008-09-24

Dear Martin,

Thank you for your comments.

This note is intentionally restricted to panels as the section 4.1.4 refers to panels. Our intent is to point out that if these panels are included in any testing of a whole system, that these capacitors might be required.

Bruce C. Olson
Chair SC-05-05
AES - Audio Engineering Society