Comments on DRAFT AES55-xxxx

last updated 2008-03-18

Comments to date on DRAFT AES55-xxxx, AES standard for digital audio engineering - Carriage of MPEG Surround in an AES3 bitstream,

was published 2007-12-17 for comment.

The comment period has now closed

Comment received from Frank Chilinski, 2007-12-17

At the last chapter (Informative references) should be written an additional reference: IEC 60958-4 Ed. 3.0 Digital Audio interface, part 4: professional applications

best regards

Frank Chilinski
NDR - Akustik
Rothenbaumchaussee 132
20149 Hamburg

Reply from John Grant, chair SC-02-02,

Dear Mr Chilinski,

Your comment on the AES55 CFC has been passed to me as chair of SC-02-02 for reply.

We agree that it would be appropriate to add a reference to IEC 60958-4, and this will be done as an editorial matter prior to publication.

The reference needs to go in Annex B (informative references); it can not go in clause 2 (normative references) because the normative text does not make reference to IEC 60958-4.

Please reply by the end of the comment period (2008-03-16) if this reply is not acceptable to you. You may also ask us to consider your comment again for the next revision of the document. You may also appeal our decision to the Standards Secretariat.

John Grant

AES - Audio Engineering Society