AES New York 2019
Project Studio Expo Recording Stage Session RS07

Thursday, October 17, 11:00 am — 11:45 am (Recording Stage)

RS07 - SonicScoop Podcast LIVE: Monitors, Acoustics, and Correction: The Three Keys to Upgrading Your Control Room

Justin Colletti

Good monitoring is arguably the most important asset in any professional studio, and bad monitoring is a liability that is a major challenge to overcome. Whatever budget and room size you have to work with, getting the most out of your listening environment hinges on three things: 1. Selecting the right speakers for your room and your needs, 2. Having a smart and cost-effective plan for acoustic treatment and 3. Using room and speaker correction to keep coloration to an absolute minimum. In this live recording of the SonicScoop Podcast, Justin Colletti invites three special guests to talk about these three most essential elements in upgrading your studio's monitoring situation so that you can finally trust what you hear and make great-sounding work with a minimum of guesswork.

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