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Ambisonics Tools for Immersive Audio Capture and Post-Production

Saturday, October 19, 9:00 am — 12:00 pm (1E13)

Ianina Canalis, National University of Lanús
Brian Glasscock, Sennheiser
Andres A. Mayo, 360 Music Lab
Martin Muscatello, 360 Music Lab

Over the past 3 years, immersive audio production tools evolved considerably and allowed producers to combine them in many different ways. In this workshop we will provide an in-depth explanation of how Ambisonics works and how it can be a central piece of an immersive audio production workflow. Attendees will be able to experiment with dedicated hardware and software tools during the entire workshop. Bring your own laptop and headphones for a unique learning session!

Preregistration is required for this event. Tickets are $75 (member) and $125 (non-member) and can be purchased on-line when you register for the convention. Seating is limited.

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  • Valid only with an AES 147th Registration
  • Attendees will need to bring their own laptop and headphones to the training session. Even though it’s not required that the laptop is VR ready, high processing power is strongly recommended.
  • inimum requirements: Windows 10 with 8GB RAM. Please note that Macbooks will not be compatible with the software used in this workshop.
  • Attendees will need to download the assets for the session to their computer in advance:
    1. Reaper version 5.96 or higher. It’s the required DAW for the workshop. Attendees can download it for free from
    2. dearVR AMBI MICRO. It’s a free plugin that can be downloaded from
    3. dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT. It´s the VR controller for your DAW. You can download a free 14-day trial version here:
    4. dearVR PRO. It’s the mixing software for the session. In order to download it, attendees need to create an account at, then download dearVR PRO and use the free trial version.
    5. 360 audio and video exclusive content. It can be downloaded from this link, together with a basic setup for the Reaper session:!oxsAkCYI!n-l-WgPxIjrlorDAPjCWTg