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Audio Repair and Restoration for Music and Post: Build Your Skills

Saturday, October 19, 1:30 pm — 4:30 pm (1E13)

David Barber, Juniper Post, Inc. - Burbank, CA, USA
Alexey Lukin, iZotope, Inc. - Cambridge, MA, USA
Jessica Thompson, Jessica Thompson Audio - Berkeley, CA, USA
Jonathan Wyner, M Works Studios/iZotope/Berklee College of Music - Boston, MA, USA; M Works Mastering

Single-ended noise reduction and audio repair tools have evolved during the past 35 years to the point that they have become an integral part of the work and workflows across audio disciplines. During this workshop attendees will be lead through an overview of the various sorts of technologies, techniques, and strategies used to solve audio challenges in music and audio post. Attendees will be guided through exercises that will help them develop their skills in audio repair and restoration.

This half-day course will cover techniques and strategies in the arena of audio repair shown within post and music applications. Among other topics this workshop will address the following:

  • How to manipulate an audio spectrogram to problem solve more quickly and effectively.
  • Choosing noise reduction and repair technology to achieve the best results.
  • Best practices for repair sequencing.
  • Pre-treating signals to achieve best noise removal.
  • Aesthetic considerations in music and dialogue editing examples

Preregistration is required for this event. Tickets are $75 (member) and $125 (non-member) and can be purchased on-line when you register for the convention. Seating is limited.

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  • Valid only with an AES 147th Registration
  • Attendees will need to bring a laptop and headphones to the training sessions
  • Attendees will need to download the necessary assets, available beginning Thursday 10/11/19.
  • Software required for workshop: Any DAW (Reaper, Pro Tools HD, Nuendo 8.2+), iZotope RX7 advanced (trial version or full license) 
  • OS: Windows 10 or macOS 10.12 onwards
  • Assets are available for download here. Please download the assets in each of the four subfolders, install the iZotope software in the "Installers" sub folder and unzip the zip file in the Alexey subfolder.