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Yale University, School of Drama

Last Updated: Before 2011
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222 York Street
New Haven, CT 06520
United States
Tel: 1-203-432-1507
Fax: 1-203-432-9668

Type 6 Courses - Research degree course (e.g. MPhil, PhD)

Sound Design

Qualification Awarded on Completion: Master of Fine Arts
Facilities: Three major and several minor theatre spaces, three sound design/music production studios, sound shop, with production, rehearsal, teaching and administrative spaces appropriate to a professional training program
Exact Duration: Three Years
Emphasis: A full compliment of core design and sound/music technology course work with a range of relevant electives.
Fee: Tuition: $17,800 per year (2002/2003)
Internship/Work Placement: No formal placement system, however our graduates are represented in every major facet of professional theatre.
Validating Body: not applicable
Contact Person: David Budries

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