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University of North Carolina Asheville

Last Updated: 2017-10-28
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Music Department
Asheville, NC 28804-3299
United States
Tel: +1 828 251 6432

Type 4 Courses - Bachelors degree course (e.g. BS, BSc, BA, BMus)

Music Technology

Qualification Awarded on Completion: B.S.
Facilities: Digital & analog multi-track studios, Robert Moog Electronic Music Studio, SSL AWS 900 console, ProTools HD, Analog & Digital Live Sound Systems.
Exact Duration: 4 years
Emphasis: Preparation for entry-level positions in recording and music technology and for graduate study
Fee: In-state tuition & fees $7,145 per year; Out-of state tuition & fees $23,868 per year
Internship/Work Placement: None
Validating Body: SACS
Contact Person: Wayne J. Kirby / Charles Jude Weinberg

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