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AES E-News: February 5 – Award Winners, 136th Convention eBriefs, 137th Convention, International Conferences, Job Board, Journal System, Jan/Feb Journal

Table of Contents

  1. AES Congratulates 56th Grammy Award Winners
  2. 136th Convention eBriefs
  3. 137th Convention
  4. International Conferences
  5. Job Board Update
  6. AES Journal Launches New Management System
  7. AES Journal January/February Issue

AES Congratulates 56th Grammy Award Winners

Al Schmitt

The Audio Engineering Society congratulates AES members who brought home Grammy Awards: Brian Losch, Bob Ludwig, Tim Martyn, Joseph M. Palmaccio, Tom Ruff, Al Schmitt, and Mark Wilder. Their superlative audio craft and commitment to quality is reflected in the artistic and critical success of their work.

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136th Convention eBriefs

AES 136th Convention

AES 136th Convention
Location: Estrel Hotel and Convention Center, Berlin, Germany
Dates: April 26–29, 2014

Engineering Briefs (eBriefs) are still being accepted for the 136th Convention. A short synopsis is needed by February 12, followed by an electronic manuscript by March 20. These can be short verbal or poster presentations on topics such as studio experience, equipment construction, new loudspeaker concepts, room acoustic measurements, analysis of audio equipment, and project studio startups, to name just a few possibilities.

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137th Convention

AES 137th Convention

Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Dates: October 9–12, 2014

The AES returns to Los Angeles in October for the world's premiere audio gathering. The Convention Co-Chairs are Valerie Tyler and Michael MacDonald. Valerie has been co-chair of the last three west coast conventions, and brings a wealth of experience to this demanding job. Michael is President of ATK Audiotek, a world-leading audio production company, and a leader in the pro-audio business community. This is going to be a milestone convention, so save the date and join your colleagues! The Call for Papers for this meeting is now open, so it's time to start considering your contribution.

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International Conferences

Audio Forensics, 54th Conference

AES 54th Conference

London, UK, June 12–14, 2014
The call for contributions deadline has been extended to February 12. Chaired by Mark Huckvale and Jeff Smith, this conference is dedicated to exploring advances in the field of audio forensics by providing a platform for research related to the forensic application of speech/signal processing, acoustical analyses, audio authentication, and the examination of methodologies and best practices.

Spatial Audio, 55th Conference

AES 55th Conference

Helsinki, Finland, August 27–29, 2014
Chaired by Lauri Savioja, this conference aims to bring together researchers and practitioners in all aspects of spatial audio, including recording and reproduction, perception, transmission and coding. Dedicated workshops will give an up-to-date view of the practical implementation of spatial audio in different applications, such as broadcasting, game audio and the recording industry. The call for contributions is available online and the deadline for full papers of 4–8 pages is March 1.

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Job Board Update

Job Board Update

The AES Job Board is where audio companies post their latest job openings. As an AES member you receive notifications of the most recent postings here:

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AES Journal Launches New Management System

AES Journal

As a result of considerable dissatisfaction with the old Journal management system, AES has now switched to a new system based on Aries Editorial Manager, which offers an improvement in functionality and reliability. All existing users' login credentials have been moved to the new system, but papers that started out in the old system will continue to be managed there. Eventually the old system will be retired.

The Journal has also clarified its Open Access Policy.

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AES Journal January/February Issue Now Available

AES Journal

This month's issue includes:

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