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Journal of the AES

2006 September - Volume 54 Number 9

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Perception and Analysis of Selected Auditory Events with Frequency-Dependent Directions (PDF-392KB) (HI-RES PDF-5.1MB)  
Toni Hirvonen and Ville Pulkki    803
A study of a single auditory event created by an array of 11 loudspeakers distributed along the azimuth revealed some new information on the perception of source width and sound location. The source location with highest and lowest frequencies dominates the perceived distribution of sound, and frequency bands were also spatially integrated to a narrower perceived source than in reality. With click stimulus, the source was perceived very narrow, although the clicks were distributed widely around the listener. The traditional cross-correlation model was tested with the stimuli, and the results did not match the perceived auditory objects in general.  
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Extraction of Auditory Features and Elicitation of Attributes for the Assessment of Multichannel Reproduced Sound (PDF-295KB) (HI-RES PDF-2.2MB)  
Sylvain Choisel and Florian Wickelmaier    815
Although there is extensive research on the auditory features of multichannel sound reproduction, scientists are still examining the philosophical and practical issues of various methods. A new approach, perceptual structure analysis, is based on subjective evaluation of triads of sounds without first requiring verbal descriptors, unlike the more traditional repertory grid technique. By testing the consistency of the judgments, it is possible to assess the listener's ability to identify the features. While a conclusive comparison of the attributes obtained by the two elicitation methods would require a larger number of participants, it was possible to derive a common set of eight attributes.  
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Frequency-Domain Algorithms for Audio Signal Enhancement Based on Transient Modification (PDF-478KB) (HI-RES PDF-11.9MB)  
Michael M. Goodwin and Carlos Avendano    827
In contrast to the conventional definition of audio enhancement as improving an objective measure of signal quality, this study treats enhancement as an artistic freedom used by either professionals or listeners. Two examples of spectral-based transient manipulation demonstrate this concept. In the first case, a transient characterization analysis is used to drive frequency-dependent modifications. In the second case, the modulation spectrum is manipulated by modifying the time trajectories of spectral envelopes. Such enhancements change the aural experience without introducing artifacts.  
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Noise Power Modulation in Dithered and Undithered High-Order Sigma-Delta Modulators (PDF-677KB) (HI-RES PDF-17.3MB)  
Ivar Løkken, Anders Vinje, and Trond Sæther    841
Optimizing high-order sigma-delta modulators often focuses on quantizer distortion and idle tones while ignoring the consequences of noise power modulation. This study focuses on simulations of noise modulation in the baseband for various topologies with and without dither. The assumption that high-order dithering in sigma-delta modulators is equivalent to the corresponding dithering in linear pulse-code modulation proved to be erroneous. Noise power modulation must be simulated for each implementation when optimizing the loop filter and dithering strategy.  
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AES Standards Committee News (PDF-112KB)    855
AESSC vice chair; audio file format; audio disk format; AES3 using coaxial cable; sample-accurate timing in AES47; audio applications of IEEE 1394; forensic audio; loudspeaker measurement  
28th Conference Report, Piteå, Sweden (PDF-819KB)    858
Next Generation of Audio Communications (PDF-216KB) (HI-RES PDF-4.3MB)    865
Education News (PDF-111KB)    868
122nd Convention, Vienna, Call for Papers (PDF-89KB)    893
31st Conference, London, Call for Papers (PDF-99KB)    894
News of the Sections (PDF-190KB)    869
Upcoming Meetings (PDF-193KB)    875
Sound Track (PDF-205KB)    876
Available Literature (PDF-398KB)    878
New Products and Developments (PDF-359KB)    880
Membership Information (PDF-176KB)    882
Advertiser Internet Directory (PDF-179KB)    885
In Memoriam (PDF-151KB)    891
Sections Contacts Directory (PDF-145KB)    896
AES Conventions and Conferences (PDF-222KB)    904
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