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Journal of the AES

2004 May - Volume 52 Number 5

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Analysis of Loudspeaker Line Arrays (PDF-2.0MB)  
Mark S. Ureda    467
A set of mathematical expressions is provided to estimate the performance of loudspeaker line arrays. These include expressions for the polar response, on-axis and off-axis pressure responses, and two-dimensional pressure fields of straight-line, curved, J, and progressive line arrays. In addition, expressions are provided to analyze the effects of curved radiating sources and gaps between sources in line arrays. Several examples are provided to compare estimated performance against measured data.  
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Fast Convolution Technique Using a Nonuniform Sampling Scheme: Algorithm and Applications in Audio Signal Processing (PDF-210K)  
Mingsian R. Bai and Pingshun Zeung    496
Using a nonuniform sampling, a fast convolution algorithm greatly reduces the complexity and increases the computational efficiency by providing high resolution at low frequencies and low resolution at high frequencies. Examples of a head-related transfer function and a reverberant room response illustrate good subjective performance even though the results are distinguishable from direct convolution. This approach exploits the differences in spectral resolution for human hearing.  
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Measurement of Reverberation Times Using a Wavelet Filter Bank and Application to a Passenger Car (PDF-767K)  
Sang-Kwon Lee    506
Measuring the reverberation time in small spaces using traditional methods is difficult because the product of the bandwidth and reverberation time is too small. A wavelet transform method using a wavelet filter bank has been successfully used to measure the reverberation time of the passenger compartment of an automobile, where such times were on the order of 0.05 seconds. Synthetic impulse responses from a toy balloon were used as an impulse response for exciting the space.  
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Wavetable Matching of Pitched Inharmonic Instrument Tones (PDF-1.0MB)  
Clifford So and Andrew B. Horner    516
By relaxing the normal assumption of harmonic tones in wavetable synthesis, a new approach allows for using wavetables for plucked instruments, such as the Chinese qin and yangqin. The new method uses a hierarchical grouping of the original tone's partials based on their normalized frequency deviation. Using a fully automatic operation, the results show slight improvement on the perceived match with harmonic tones and a greatly improved match on pitched inharmonic tones.  
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Dipole, Monopole, or Near-Field Woofer-Physics and Perception (PDF-71K)    530
Tomas Salava  
Author's Reply    532
Siefried Linkwitz  
Comments on "Why Is Bass Reproduction from a Dipole Woofer in a Living Room Often Subjectively More Accurate Than from a Monopole Woofer?" (PDF-71K)    532
Frank Fahy  
AES Standards Committee News (PDF-49K)    533
Standards in Action: AES47 professional audio networking  
Wavefield Synthesis: Evolution from Stereophony and Some Practical Challenges (PDF-984K)    538
117th Convention, San Francisco, Call for Workshop Participants (PDF-43K)    569
Review of Acoustical Patents (PDF-121K)    535
News of the Sections (PDF-273K)    544
Sound Track (PDF-46K)    550
New Products and Developments (PDF-143K)    552
Upcoming Meetings (PDF-448K)    554
Available Literature (PDF-448K)    554
Membership Information (PDF-118K)    556
Advertiser Internet Directory (PDF-64K)    557
In Memoriam (PDF-120K)    567
Sections Contacts Directory (PDF-71K)    570
AES Conventions and Conferences (PDF-201K)    576
Cover & Sustaining Members List (PDF-91K)    
VIP List & Editorial Staff (PDF-64K)    
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