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Journal of the AES

2003 June - Volume 51 Number 6

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Effects of Bandwidth Limitation on Audio Quality in Consumer Multichannel Audiovisual Delivery Systems (PDF-246K)  
Slawomir K. Zielinski, Francis Rumsey, and Søren Bech    475
When transmitting or storing 5.1 program material, if bandwidth must be sacrificed to accommodate channel limitations, the rear surround and the front center channels are the best choices. As long as the front left and right channels maintain the full spectrum, subjective degradation is minimal. Extensive subjective tests support this conclusion even if the bandwidth-limited channels contain foreground audio content.  
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An Efficient Algorithm for the Restoration of Audio Signals Corrupted with Low-Frequency Pulses (PDF-756K)  
Paulo A. A. Esquef, Luiz W. P. Biscainho, and Vesa Välimäki    502
Restoring old recordings, especially those that contain clicks at the boundaries where pieces of a broken record have been glued together, requires a model of the corruption. In addition to the transient itself, the cartridge responds to the transient with a long-tailed, low-frequency impulse response, which must also be removed. The authors propose a computationally efficient algorithm, called two-pass split-window filtering, to model and remove this additional component. The results are compared with an autoregressive algorithm.  
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Study on the Relationship between Some Room Acoustical Descriptors (PDF-610K)  
D. Ouis    518
An acoustic model of a performance space provides a means for evaluating those physical measures that predict the subjective experience, such as spaciousness. In order to evaluate the relationship between the various metrics over the space, the author simulated a rectangular space with an additional pair of sidewall balconies. Image reflections and diffraction effects were included to make the model more representative of a real space. This allowed the relationship among parameters to be evaluated.  
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Automated Parameter Optimization for Double Frequency Modulation Synthesis Using a Tree Evolution Algorithm (PDF-132K)  
B. T. G. Tan and N. Liu    534
As a means of synthesizing complex sounds, several frequency modulation techniques have become popular. However, finding the ideal frequency and amplitude modulation waveforms to create a target signal is difficult, ad hoc, and prone to nonoptimum results. Many optimization algorithms tend to converge to a local solution without adequately exploring the entire space for better solutions. The proposed approach separately explores each local solution rather than focusing on a single part of the space.  
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AES Standards Committee News (PDF-1.0MB)    547
Level meters; digital interfacing; digital synchronization; forensic audio; microphone measurements; audio applications of IEEE 1394  
History of Spatial Coding   Mark F. Davis (PDF-1.3MB)    554
Automotive Audio (PDF-454K)    570
New Media for Music: An Adaptive Response to Technology (PDF-138K)    575
Updates and Corrections to the 2002/2003 International Sections Directory (PDF-192K)    578
Education News (PDF-258K)    580
116th Convention, Berlin, Call for Papers (PDF-35K)    596
News of the Sections (PDF-249K)    582
Upcoming Meetings (PDF-10K)    587
Sound Track (PDF-10K)    588
New Products and Developments (PDF-89K)    589
Available Literature (PDF-9K)    591
Membership Information (PDF-42K)    592
Advertiser Internet Directory (PDF-37K)    593
In Memoriam (PDF-101K)    594
AES Special Publications (PDF-84K)    597
Sections Contacts Directory (PDF-33K)    602
AES Conventions and Conferences (PDF-42K)    608
Cover & Sustaining Members List (PDF-25K)    
VIP List & Editorial Staff (PDF-26K)    
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