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Perceptual Filters for Audio Signal Enhancement
Digital Signal Processing Tools for Loudspeaker Evaluation and Discrete-Time Crossover Design
Overview of MPEG Audio: Current and Future Standards for Low Bit-Rate Audio Coding
The Detection Thresholds of Resonances at Low Frequencies
Precision Measurement of Loudspeaker Parameters
Position-Independent Enhancement of Reverberant Speech
Modeling Small Chinese and Tibetan Bells
Comments on -An Introduction to Band-Pass Loudspeaker Systems- and Author's Reply
Technological Change: The Challenge to the Audio and Music Industries
Psychoacoustically Optimal Sigma-Delta Modulation (P)
A Model for the Prediction of Thresholds, Loudness, and Partial Loudness
Wavetable Modeling of Muted Brass Tones
Sound Absorption of Gypsum Board Cavity Walls
Hybrid Sampling-Wavetable Synthesis with Genetic Algorithms (P)
Measurement of Directional Scattering Coefficients Using Near-Field Acoustic Holography and Spatial Transformation of Sound Fields (P)
Fundamentals of Diffraction
Optimizing the Voice-Coil-Airgap Geometry for Maximum Loudspeaker Motor Strength
Corrections to "Digital Signal Processing Tools for Loudspeaker Evaluation and Discrete-Time Crossover Design"
Digital Parametric Equalizer Design with Prescribed Nyquist-Frequency Gain
Virtual Sound Source Positioning Using Vector Base Amplitude Panning
Digital-Domain Dithering of Sigma-Delta Modulators Using Bit Flipping
Digital Power Amplification Using Sigma-Delta Modulation and Bit Flipping
Comments on "Spice Models for Vacuum-Tube Amplifiers" and Author's Replies
AES Policy on World Wide Web Publication and Editor's Reply
Fractal Wavelet Compression of Audio Signals
High-Fidelity PWM-Based Amplifier Concept for Active Loudspeaker Systems with Very Low Energy Consumption
Processing of Musical Tones Using a Combined Quadratic Polynomial-Phase Sinusoid and Residual (QUASAR) Signal Model
Precise Passive Crossover Networks Incorporating Loudspeaker Driver Parameters
Effect Design, Part 1: Reverberator and Other Filters
Personal Sound
Design of a Loudspeaker System with a Low-Frequency Cardiodlike Radiation Pattern
Listener Differences in Audio Compression Evaluations
Effect Design, Part 2: Delay Line Modulation and Chorus
ISO/IEC MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding
Learning Algorithms for Audio Signal Enhancement, Part 1: Neural Network Implementation for the Removal of Impulse Distortions
TDFD-Based Measurement of Analog-to-Digital Converter Nonlinearity
Learning Algorithms for Audio Signal Enhancement, Part 2: Implementation of the Rough-Set Method for the Removal of Hiss
Visual Monitoring of Multichannel Stereophonic Signals
Discrete-Element Line Arrays-Their Modeling and Optimization
Acoustics of the Former Teatro -La Fenice- in Venice
Improvement of Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Long-Term MLS Measurements with High-Level Nonstationary Disturbances
Development of a Low-Flutter Measurement Tape
Improved SPICE Model for Triode Vacuum Tubes
Automated Digital Audio Archives in the Broadcasting Environment
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