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Complete Journal: Volume 33 Issue 1/2
Comments on -A Versatile Delay Unit with CCDs- and Author's Reply
Subjective Measurements of Loudspeaker Sound Quality and Listener Performance
Perceived Sound Quality of High-Fidelity Loudspeakers
Complete Journal: Volume 33 Issue 3
Use of Frequency Overlap and Equalization to Produce High-Slope Linear-Phase Loudspeaker Crossover Networks
Spectral, Phase, and Transient Equalization for Audio Systems
Refinements in the Impulse Testing of Loudspeakers
An Efficient Algorithm for Generating Colored Noise Using a Pseudorandom Sequence
A Tone-Burst Method for Measuring Loudspeaker Harmonic Distortion at High Power Levels
Complete Journal: Volume 33 Issue 4
Comments on -Signal Power Spectrum Aspects in Loudspeaker Design- and Author's Reply
From Instrument to Ear in a Room: Direct or via Recording
Effect of Channel Separation on Earphone-Presented Tones, Noise, and Stereophonic Material
Development of Technical Listening Skills: Timbre Solfeggio
A "Split-Track" Recording Technique for Improved ENG Audio
Comments on -Low-Frequency Sound Reproduction- and Author's Reply
History of Disk Recording
A Brief History of Early Motion Picture Sound Recording and Reproducing Practices
Complete Journal: Volume 33 Issue 5
Corrections to "Passive Three-Way All-Pass Crossover Networks"
A New Approach to the Assessment of Stereophonic Sound System Performance
An Improved Computer Model of Direct-Radiator Loudspeakers
An Auditorium Simulator for Domestic Use
Loudspeaker Directionality and the Perception of Reality
The Cantilever Sandwich Loudspeaker Diaphragm
Complete Journal: Volume 33 Issue 6
The Parabolic Reflector as an Acoustical Amplifier
On the Design of Some Feedback Circuits for Loudspeakers
The Subjective Importance of Uniform Group Delay at Low Frequencies
Low-Frequency Range Extension of Loudspeakers
Closed-Box Loudspeaker System Equalization and Power Requirements
Control Room for Music Monitoring
Comments on -Determining the Acoustic Position for Proper Phase Response of Transducers- and Author's Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 33 Issue 7/8
Basic Stereo Microphone Perspectives-A Review
A Bibliography of the Relevant Literature on the Subject of Microphones
Complete Journal: Volume 33 Issue 9
Increasing the Audio Measurement Capability of FFT Analyzers by Microcomputer Postprocessing
Pre- and Postemphasis Techniques as Applied to Audio Recording Systems
Root-Locus Technique for Vented-Box Loudspeaker Design
Application of Walsh Functions to an FM Stereo Demodulator
Minimum-Phase-Shift Property of a One-Dimensional Triangular Source
Complete Journal: Volume 33 Issue 10
Comments on "Control Rooms for Music Monitoring"
Tunable Active Crossover Networks
The Audibility of Modulation Noise in Floating-Point Conversion Systems
Perception of Phase Distortion in All-Pass Filters
-Feedback Amplifier Output Stages,- -Comments on Feedback Amplifier Output Stages,- and Author's Reply
Design of Function Generators to Generate Specified Intermodulation Levels
Comments on -A Perceptual Criterion for Loudspeaker Evaluation- and Author's Reply
Comments on "On the Audibility of Midrange Phase Distortion in Audio Systems" and Authors' Replies
Comments on "Design Parameters Important for the Optimization of Very High Fidelity PWM (Class D) Audio Amplifiers-
Complete Journal: Volume 33 Issue 11
Ambisonics in Multichannel Broadcasting and Video
The Effect of Reinforcement System Regeneration on Gain and Reverberation Decay
Improved Reed-Solomon Decoding Using Multiple Pass Decoding
Self-Contained Crosscorrelation Program for Maximum -Length Sequences
Duplication of the Sampling Frequency of Periodically Sampled Signals of the Calculation to the Discrete Wigner Distribution
Program Level Metering in Digital Audio Technology
Complete Journal: Volume 33 Issue 12
More on -Human Stress Provoked by Digitalized Recordings- and Reply
Comments on "Loudspeaker Directionality and the Perception of Reality"
Comments on -Microphones- and Author's Reply
Improving the Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Coverage of FM Stereophonic Broadcasts
Reentrant Compression and Adaptive Expansion for Optimized Noise Reduction
Subjective and Predictive Measures of Speech Intelligibility-The Role of Loudspeaker Directivity
Sound Radiation from a Concave or a Convex Dome in a Semi-Infinite Tube
Three-Level Tone Test Signal for Setting Audio Levels
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