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Complete Journal: Volume 10 Issue 1
Comments on -Maximum Peak Velocity Capabilities of the Disk Record-
A Doubler Adaptor for FM Stereophonic Reception
A Compatible FM Multiplex System for Stereophonic Television Service
The New Stereo FM Broadcasting System-How to Understand the FCC Specifications and Generate the Composite Signal
Multiplex Stereo FM Tuners and Adaptors
Criteria for Compatible AM-FM Stereo as an Interim Method for FM Multiplex Stereo
A Multiplex Stereo Generator
Audio Considerations for Stereophonic Broadcasting
Transistor Front Ends for FM Tuners
Time Base Distortion in Continuous Recording Systems: Its Terminology, Measurement, Causes and Effects
Absolute Method for Aligning Magnetic Recording Track Using Electrical Technique
Approaches to Wideband, High-Resolution Magnetic Recording
Some Studies on the Reduction of Head Wear Caused by Magnetic Tapes and a Test Device for Measuring the Relative Wear on a Simulated Head
Compatibility Problems in Two-Channel Stereophonic Recordings
Comments on -Amplitude Control of Loudspeaker Core Motion- and Author's Reply
Complete Journal: Volume 10 Issue 2
Multiplex Stereo-The First Year
The Case Against Low-Frequency Pre-Emphasis in Magnetic Recording
Improvement of Feedback Stability of Public Address Systems by Frequency Shifting
A Frequency Shifter for Improving Acoustic Feedback Stability
Practical Stereo Reverberation for Studio Recording
An Investigation of Speed Variations in a Magnetic Tape Recorder, with the Aid of Electro-Mechanical Analogies
Transistorized Three-Channel Mixing Console for Simultaneous FM Multiplex and AM Broadcasting
Electronic Sound Absorber
A Cordless Voice-Assist System for a Small Auditorium
Speech Compression by Analysis-Synthesis
Influence of Transmission Error on Formant Coded Compressed Speech Signals
Analysis of the Effects of Nonlinear Elements Upon the Performance of a Back-Enclosed, Direct Radiator Loudspeaker Mechanism
Correlation Techniques for Speech Bandwidth Compression
Sound System Specifications
The Assessment of Two-Channel Stereophonic Reproduction Performance in Studio Monitor Rooms, Living rooms and Small Theatres
Complete Journal: Volume 10 Issue 3
Development of a Low Loss, High Precision Permeameter for the Evaluation of High Energy Permanent Magnets
Transistorized Tone Burst System for Transient Response Testing of Loudspeakers
A Sound Stimulus Source for Psychological Experimentation
Design of a Transistorized Oscillator
Condenser Earphones with Solid Dielectric
Doppler-Type Organ Tone Cabinet
Natural Sounding Artificial Reverberation
Loudspeaker Enclosure Walls
Design Aspects of Transistor Power Amplifiers
A High Power Voltage Regulation Circuit for High Power Transistorized Amplifiers
On the Transient Response of Ideal Crossover Networks
The Design and Performance of an Integrated Stereo Pickup and Arm
Supplementary Requirements of Transistor Preamplifier Power Supplies
An Artificial Vibrato for Entertainment Use
Complete Journal: Volume 10 Issue 4
The Rational Design of Phonograph Pickups
Control of Static Electricity on a Phonograph Record
A Two Speaker, Acoustically Coupled, Single Enclosure Stereo System
A New Concept in Monitor Control
A Figure of Merit for Horn Loudspeaker Drivers
A Method of Testing Loudspeakers with Random Noise Input
Distortion of High-Frequency Loudspeakers
A New ASA Standard Sound Level Meter
Sound Activity of the California Gray Whale, Eschrichtius Glaucus
A Special Purpose Language Laboratory
New All-Transistor Sound Meter
Control Console for Multi-Speaker Presentations of Electronic Music
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