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Overload Characteristics of State-Variable Crossovers
Constant-Q Graphic Equalizers
Anatomy of a Digital Filter
Wide Dispersion Frequency Invariant Acoustic Lens
Assessing the Low Level Sound Quality of Digital Audio Systems
Digital Signal Processor LSIs Suitable for Digital Audio Equipment
On the Signal Format for the Improved Professional Use 2 Channel Digital Audio Recorder
On the Development of a Rotary-Head Digital Audio Tape Recorder
A Digital Audio Sampling Frequency Converter Employing New Digital Signal Processors
Interaural Spectral Masking Due to Early Reflection Arrivals
Analysis and Synthesis of Musical Transitions Using the Discrete Short-Time Fourier Transform
How Conventional Statistical Analyses Can Prevent Finding Audible Differences in Listening Tests
Digital Tape Transfer Console
A Technical View of a Totally Digital Audio Mixing Console
Standardization in Professional Digital Audio Engineering at the AES
A Flexible Method for Synchronizing Parameter Updates for Real-Time Audio Signal Processors
Development of a New Loudspeaker System Having Extended Frequency Range and Low Distortion Particularly at Low Frequencies and High Power Levels
Perceptions of Audio Perception
Three-Dimensional Image Reconstruction in Audio
Improvement of Suspension Linearity in Loudspeakers by Means of Biased Suspension
Three-Way Constant-Power Crossover Networks
Another Approach to Time Delay Spectrometry
Computer Simulation of Horn Loaded Compression Drives
Thin Film Heads for Multi-Track Tape Recorders
One-Chip Digital Signal Processing Large-Scale Integrated Circuit for the Compact Disc Player
Over-Sampling Filter for a Digital Audio Use
Perceptibility of Direction and Time Delay Errors in Subwoofer Reproduction
Passively Assisted Loudspeakers
Four-Channel Digital Mixer/Equalizer for Mastering
Peak Current Requirement of Commercial Loudspeaker Systems
Spaciousness and Localization in Listening Rooms: How to Make Coincident Recording Sound as Spacious as Spaced Microphone Arrays
The Acoustical Properties of Sound Diffusing Surfaces: The Time, Frequency and Directivity Energy Response
Development of an Erasable Magneto-Optical Disc Digital Audio Recorder
Electromagnetic Damping of High Power Loudspeakers
Design and Application of a New Compact Compander Card
Measuring and Equalizing Dynamic Driver Complex Impedance
A High Performance Surround Sound Process for Home Video
Experiments in Direct/Reverberant Ratio Modification
Cepstral Techniques for Transducer Measurement: Part II
A Novel Error-Concealable Digital Transmission System with Higher Quality and More Bit-Reduction
The FMX Stereo Broadcast System
Conventional and New Viewpoints on Electrostatic Pressure Transducers
Sound Design and Sound Transmission in a Future HDTV System
Individual Choice of the Dynamic Range for Radio Programs
High Polymer Piezo Film in Electroacoustical Transducer Applications
Signal Processing Through Dynamic Equalization
On the Properties of the Twiddle Factor and their Applications to the DFT
Spruce Moose: A Slightly Bent Horn
A Large Monitor Loudspeaker System Suitable for Digital Recording
The Boundary-Layer Mid/Side (M/S) Microphone: A New Tool
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