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Power Amplifier Output Stage Design Incorporating Error Feedback Correction with Current Dumping Enhancement
Tonal Effects of Classical Music Microphone Placement
The Analysis and Synthesis of Passive Constant Power and All-Pass Three-Way Crossovers
Root-Locus Technique for Vented Box Loudspeaker Design
Digital Audio Modulation in the PAL and NTSC Laservision Video Disc Coding Formats
Amplitude and Frequency Modulation Distortion of a Loudspeaker
The Schroeder Quadratic-Residue Diffusor: Design Theory and Application
A Geometric Approach to Eliminating Lobing Error in Multiway Loudspeakers
A Method of Measuring the Distortion of Frequency Modulators and Demodulators
Acoustical Design of Control Rooms for Speech and Music Monitoring
Labels and their Formatting in Digital Audio Recording and Transmission
A Proto Model of a Digital Audio Control Center
An Auditorium Simulator for Home Use
Loudspeaker Distortion Reduction
Synthesized Three-Way Loudspeaker Crossovers
Perception of Phase Distortion in Anti-Alias Filters
Channel Coding for a Stationary Head PCM Tape Recorder
Perceived Sound Quality of High Fidelity Loudspeakers
A Fourth-Order State Variable Filter for Linkwitz-Riley Active Crossover Designs
Measuring Audible Effects of Time Delays in Listening Rooms
Audiooptics: The Next Technology
Digital Control of Loudspeaker Array Directivity
A Unified Approach to Audio Level Metering
A 'Split-Track' Recording Technique for Improved Eng Audio
Surround Sound in the Eighties'Advances in Decoder Technology
Digital Audio Transmission System Using Satellite Distribution
The Effect of Reinforcement System Regeneration on Gain and Reverberative Decay
Design and Construction of Large-Scale Multi-Format Broadcast Studios and Technical Facilities for WRC-National Broadcasting Company, Washington, D. C.
A New Signal Processing Technology Employed in Digital Audio Cassette Tape Recorder
Modeling the Intelligibility of a Central Loudspeaker Cluster in a Reverberant Area
Subjective Measurements of Loudspeakers: A Comparison of Stereo and Mono Listening
The Ultimate VCA
The Use of Boundary Layer Effect Microphones in Traditional Stereo Miking Techniques
A New Digital Reverberator with Excellent Control Capability of Early Reflection
Digital Recording and Reproducing Technique with Thin Film Head for Digital Audio Tape Recorder
A Microcomputer Program for Central Loudspeaker Array Design
Surround Sound in the Eighties: Localization and Psychoacoustics
Application of Walsh Functions to an FM Stereo Demodulator
Is Sophisticated Loudspeaker Crossover Design Possible Without Sophisticated Measurements?
A Subjective Comparison of Five Analog and Digital Tape Recorders
Ambisonics in Multichannel Broadcasting and Video
Improved Reed Solomon Decoding Using Multiple Pass Decoding
Basic TEF Techniques
Signal Enhancement via Digital Signal Processing
The Dash Format: An Overview
Single-Stage Sampling Frequency Conversion
Measuring the Phase Linearity of Digital Audio Systems
A Dual Moving Coil Electroacoustic Transducer
From Instrument to Ear in a Room: Direct or Via Recording
A High Efficiency Servo-Motor Driven Subwoofer
Measurement of Spatial Reproduction Quality by Interaural Cross-Correlation Techniques
Design of a Phase-Linear Digital Audio Equalizer
Surround Sound in the Eighties: Design Principles for Surround Monitoring Environments
An Improved Colinear Array
A Technical and Historical Look at the Stylus/Groove Interface in Recording Past to Present
Power Response of Loudspeakers with Non-Coincident Drivers: The Influence of Crossover Design
Increasing the Audio Measurement Capability of FFT Analyzers by Microcomputer Post-Processing
In-Phase Crossover Network Design
A Loudspeaker Horn that Covers a Flat Rectangular Area from an Oblique Angle
Design Factors in a Programmable Distortion Measurement System
Using a Hand-Held Computer as Sound Level Measuring Tool
Refinements in the Impulse Testing of Loudspeakers
The Subjective Importance of Uniform Group Delay at Low Frequencies
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