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Recent Developments in Digital Audio Techniques
The Electrical Equivalent Circuit of Porous Compliant Membranes and Related Systems
Control Rooms for Music Monitoring
System Design of Professional Digital Mastering System
Signal Processing of the Compact Cassette Digital Recorder
On the High Density Recording of the Compact Cassette Digital Recorder
A Hardware Concept for an Expandable "Low-Cost" Digital Audio Mixer
A New, Psychoacoustically More Correct Way of Measuring Loudspeaker Frequency Responses
On the Design of Some Feedback Circuits for Loudspeakers
Loudness Balance of Speech and Music in Radio Broadcasts
Unified Compander Measurements by Using a Channel-Simulator Unit
The Influence of Antiphase Crosstalk on the Localization Cues in Stereo Signals
A Standard Monitor Loudspeaker Used as a Reference for Digital Audio Productions in Studios with Different Acoustic Properties
Time and Frequency Impulse Responses of Loudspeakers to Windowed Tone Bursts
Experiments Towards an Erasable Compact Disc Digital Audio System
Active Loudspeaker System Using Monolithic Integrated Circuits
Digital Distortion Analyzer
Centralized or Decentralized Sound Irradiation in Rooms and Open Spaces: Which is Better?
Modern Multitrack Recording Techniques
EBU Studies in Digital Audio
Direction-Sensitive Gating: A New Approach to Automatic Mixing
Closed-Box Loudspeaker System Equalization and Power Requirements
Companded Predictive Delta Modulation: A Low-Cost Conversion Technique for Digital Recording
Easy Active Filter Design: A Personnal Calculator
Sound Reinforcement System with Correct Localization Image in a Big Congress Centre
Design and Structure of a Digital Sound Mixing Desk
Acoustics Within and Around the Grand-Pianoforte
Adaptive Control of Loudspeaker Frequency Response at Low Frequencies
Important CCIR-Standards for the Audio-World
Operation of Electroacoustical Equipment in a Big Congress Center
EIN Transformatorloses Studio-Kondensator-Mikrophon
Input Current Requirements of High-Quality Loudspeaker Systems
Dynamic Distortion Measurements in Broadcasting and Mixing Consoles
Determination of Production-Related Defects in the Manufacture of Acoustic Transducers
The Sound System of the Olympic Stadium, Athens
Error Correction for Digital Audio Recordings
And the Music Went Round and Round on Rolls, Disks or Reels
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