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The Great Debate: Subjective Evaluation
Absolute Listening Tests-Further Progress
The Mind and Sound
Pictures of 2-Channel Directional Reproduction Systems
Audibility of Simulated Transient Non-Linear Distortions
Practical Periphony: The Reproduction of Full-Sphere Sound
Audibility of Amplifier Clipping
Distortion Correction in Audio Power Amplifiers
On Magnetic Distortion in Audio Amplifiers
Feedback-Generated Phase Modulation in Audio Amplifiers
A Low-Distortion Acoustic-Measurement Oscillator Using Semiconductor Junctions as Variable-Tuning Elements
High Efficiency Switching Power Amplifiers Based on DC-to-DC Convertors
Extension of the Dynamic Range of Wireless Microphones
A Digital Audio Recording System
Analogue-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analogue Converters for High Quality Sound
Design Principles of Sample & Hold Circuits for Digital Audio Systems
High Fidelity Digital Audio Conversion Using Low Cost Components
Automated Loudspeaker Polar Response Measurements Under Microcomputer Control
Measurements of the Input Impedance of Loudspeaker Horns
Use of Tapped Delay Lines in Speaker Work
Computer-Aided Design of Lossless Crossover Networks
The Resonances of Loudspeaker Diaphragms
A Systematic Approach to Monitoring Loudspeaker Design
Loudspeakers as High-Quality Microphones
Sound Conditioning--Bringing an Improved Working Atmosphere to Open Plan Offices
SQ6, A Functional Integrated PA Center
A Mobile High Power Sound Reinforcement
A Sound Delay System for Large Multipurpose Halls
Sound Reinforcement in the Fairfield Hall
Nice Timing: The Secret of Successful Invention
Latest Developments in Diamond Stylus Design and Performance
Disc Record Care and Cleaning Accessories
A Different Way to Record Classical Music
The Level Differences on Different Recordings of the Same Musical Score
Power Amplifier Design Parameters and Intermodulation Distortion in the Amplifier Loudspeaker Interface
TPS-100 Audio Switching System
A Broadcast Console for Independent Local Radio
Signal Analysis and a New Spectral Test Function
Design and Construction of a Feedforward Error Correction Amplifier
New Biasing Circuit for Class-B Operation
On Acoustical Specification of Natural Stereo Imaging
Dynamic Equalization for Loudspeakers
Digital I/O Format for Digital Audio Systems
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