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A Modified Adaptive Nonuniform Sampling Delta Modulation
AC-2 and AC-3: The Technology and Its Application
Huron-A Digital Audio Convolution Workstation
Real-Time Auralization with Head Tracking
Distortion Measurement Method for a Booster Amplifier
Beam Control Amplifier
A Non-Linear Load for Power Amplifier Testing
Dual Single Ended Amplifier
Transient Response in Feedback Audio Amplifiers
Acoustics and Sound Systems for Pusat Dakwah Islamiah Hall at Seremban, Malaysia
Acoustic Design Using Numerical Modelling Based on Geometrical Acoustics
Equalisation of Sound Systems by Ear and Instruments: Similarities and Differences
The Directivity Patterns of Loudspeaker Systems
Low Frequency Control and Acoustical Optimising of Small Rooms Using the Schroeder Diffuser
Audio Switching Control for a Unique Videoconferencing System
Digital System Integration in the Studio Monitoring Environment
An Auto-Tracking Auto-Beamforming Microphone Array for Sound Recording
New Low-Frequency Enclosure Configuration
Practical Challenges of Manufacturing Loudspeakers to Critical Design Parameters
The Expansion of Electronic Signals Back into Acoustic Space-An Introduction to FSS
Jitter Tolerance of a Digital Audio Receiver
A Real Time Audio Enhancement System
Robust Enhancement of Reverberant Speech
High Quality Audio Coding: An Overview
Voiced/Unvoiced/Silence Classification of Noisy Speech in Real Time Audio Signal Processing
Quantisation Noise in Perfect Reconstruction Filterbanks and Its Consequences for High Fidelity Audio Compression
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