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Fast Pitch Detection
Automatic Digital Audio Processing-ADAP
On the Developments of Isolated Loop Tape Transport Mechanism and Its Application
A High Performance Digital Audio Recorder
New Technology: The Impact of Digital Tape
A Super Simple Three-Mode Simultaneous Input, Variable Resonance, Voltage Controlled Filter for Signal Processing
Design of an Electro-Acoustic Transducer Using Piezoelectric Polymer Film
New Unique Playback System for Stampers and Matrices
Improvements of the PLL Demodulator for CD-4 Carrier Disc
Role of Scanning Electron Beam Microscope in Disc Recording
An Approach to Defining and Measuring Separability in an Acoustic Field
Wide-Range, High-Power Tweeter Using the Printed-Planar Voice Coil (the "Leaf Tweeter")
A Program for the Hewlett Packard H.P. 97 to Assist Sound System Designers
Loudspeaker Cabinet Reflection Effects
Design Criteria for Digital Audio Tape
Computerized Analysis and Observation of the Vibration Modes of a Loudspeaker Cone
Loudness Compensation: Use and Abuse
Electret Microphone System Based on Building Block Concept
The Development of a Porous Metal Cone Loudspeaker
Measured Performance of Loudspeaker Combinations
Minimum Harmonic Distortion levels in Ideal Loudspeakers
Proposed Standardization of International Specifications and Criteria on Loudspeakers and Amplifiers
The Measurement of Loudspeaker Driver Parameters
Blasphemy-The Manta-Ray Horns!
An Integrated Guitar Synthesizer for Live Performance
Automatic Assembly Line Testing of Cartridges
Compositional Limitations of Current Electronic Music Synthesizers
An Introduction to Circular Statistics and its Application to Sound Localization Experiments
Three-Channel Audio Recording and Playback via Two-Channel Transmission with Absolute Minimum Cross-Talk
Phase Sensitivity in Music Reproduction
Sound Localization in 2 and 4 Channel Systems: A Comparison of Phantom Image Prediction Equations and Experimental Data
Multi-Dimensional Audio
Gap-Length Response in Magnetic Reproducers: Calculation, Measurement, and Compensations
An Error Correcting System for a Multichannel Digital Audio Recorder
On the Measurement of the Low-Frequency Parameters of Moving-Coil Piston Transducers
Phonograph Preamplifier Design Criteria Arising from System Measurements
Radiation Considerations for Controlling Arrival of Amplitude Cues for Stereo Imaging
Development of a Loudspeaker System with Omni-Directional Horn Loaded High Polymer Tweeter
A Strategy for Automated Editing of Digital Recordings
The Human Finger-A Versatile Electronic Musical Instrument Component
The Broadcasting Network for the 1978 World Football Games
Acoustic Impulse Generation by High Energy Spark Dischargers
Simple Formulas and Graphs for Design of Vented Loudspeaker Systems
Transient Intermodulation Distortion and Measurement
Development of the PCM Laser Sound Disc and Player
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