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A Versatile, High-Speed, -Off-Line- Sweetening System for Television Audio Post Production
Some New Audio Measurements
Geometry of Sound Perception
Live Electronic Music in Large Auditoriums
More Accurate Calculation of the Room Constant
A Novel Stadium Sound System
Evaluating Open Plan Acoustics
The Administration of the San Diego Noise Abatement and Control Program
Mathematical Theories of the QS System and Their Application to the Latest QS Encoding Method
A Polyphonic Keyboard for a Voltage-Controlled Music Synthesizer
Pathophysiological Effects of Noise
Vertical Field Effect Transistor and Its Application to High Fidelity Audio Amplifiers
A New Approach to Two Quadrant Multiplier Design
The Ever New World of Standards: Structure and Sphere of Interest of the Standards Organization
The RD-500: An Autobiography of a Studio Monitor Speaker and its Big Brother
Unit-Sum Electronic Crossovers
Experimental Fourier Series Universal Tone Generator
A Comparison of the Acoustic Quality of a Sound Recording with that of the Original: The Experience in Hessischer Rundfunk Studio I
Dynamic Spectrum Changes of Orchestral Instruments
Directional Characteristics of Phased Audio Reproducers
An Autocorrelator Noise Reduction System
Psychoacoustic Problems with Noise Control
Aircraft Noise Reduction
A New Low-Cost Real-Time Audio Analyzer
Interpreting Field Measurements of Directivity Factor and Their Relation to the Proposed Standard Method of Measuring the Directivity Factor of Loudspeakers Used in Commercial Sound Work
The Qualification of Loudspeaker Directivity Factor in Sound Reinforcement System Design
Audio Frequency Applications of Integrated Circuit Analog Delay Lines
Experiments in the Enhancement of the Artist's Ability to Control His Interface with the Acoustic Environment in Large Halls
Automatic Microphone Mixing
An Audio Control Facility for a TV 'Break' Control Room
PEM 468: A New Mastering Tape with High-Output, Low-Noise and Low-Print Characteristics
New Modulation Technique for CD-4 Recording
What's So Sacred About Exponential Horns?
Multi-Radiation Speaker System
Twin-Tone Tape Testing
Application of a Real-Time Hadamard Transform Network to Sound Synthesis
Practical Considerations of Touring Rock PA Systems
Broadcast Cartridges: Past, Present & Future!
A Study of Time Domain Speech Compression By Means of a New Analog Speech Processor
A Wide Dynamic Range Program Equalizer
Overcoming Record Warps, Low-Frequency Turntable Rumble, and Acoustic Vibration Feedback in Phonographs
Reverberant Field Energizer and Electronic Forestage Canopy System
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