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A Programmable Control Device for Analog Synthesizers
The Manipulation of Induced Auditory Experiences Utilizing In-Ear Microphones
Broadcasting in France
Horn Theory and the Phonograph
Measurements of Biophysiological Signals in the Audio Spectrum
Landmark Technique for Identifying Ultrasonic Cardiac Echoes
Acoustic Energy Transformation in the Human Auditory System
Advance Headless Variable Pitch/Variable Depth Lathe Control System
Speed, Pitch and Tension Revisited
A Method of Analyzing the Quadraphonic Sound Field
Efficient Digital Conversion of Audio Signals
Design Criteria of a Universal Compandor for the Elimination of Audible Noise in Tape, Disc, and Broadcast Systems
Philosophies Used in the Planning and Design of Broadcasting Centre, Johannesburg
Practical Considerations of Active Filter Design
Applications and Design Considerations for a High Quality Unidirectional Line Level Microphone
Sound Facilities at the Edyth Bush Theatre
High Fidelity Sound System Equalization by Analysis of Standing Waves
A New Type of Tweeter Horn Employs a Piezo-Electric Driver
Sound Image Localization of the SQ System
Television Audio in Great Britain: The Design of Compact but Sophisticated Control Consoles
Vibration Sensitivity Measurements on Subminiature Condenser Microphones
Development of Compound for Quadradiscs
Professional 1/4" Cassette and Its Range of Application
New RTE Radio Centre in Dublin
Equalization Simplified
Design of a Digital Controlled Audio Level Indicator
Electro-Acoustic Transducers with Piezoelectric High Polymer Films
Application of the Two Quadrant Transconductance Amplifier/Multiplier in Audio Signal Processing
IC Chips for the QS Vario-Matrix Decoder
Small Vented Enclosure Loudspeaker Systems for Speech Reinforcement
Ultrasonic Capsule for Remote Control Purposes
Discrete 4-Channel Records, A Quest for Artistic Freedom
Impedance Tailoring via Feedback
A New Set of Sixth-Order Vented-Box Loudspeaker System Alignments
Transmitter Limitations in Achieving High Amplitude Modulation Percentages
100 DB Dynamic Range Disc Recording
QS Quadrophonic Synthesizer: What It Does and How It Does It
Man/Machine Communications and Computer Music Synthesis
Performance Tradeoffs in Disk Recording
Automatic Noise Filter for Telephone Lines
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