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Accurate Acoustic Modeling of Small Rooms
New Thoughts on Active Acoustic Absorbers
Investigations of Room Acoustics with a Spherical Microphone Array
Room Acoustics Using a 2.5 Dimensional Approach with Damping Included
CAMAD - Computer Assisted Microphone Array Design
In Situ Measurements of the Concert Grand Piano
Beyond Surround Sound - Creation, Coding and Reproduction of 3-D Audio Soundtracks
The Effects of Multiple Arrivals on the Intelligibility of Reinforced Speech
Inter- and Intra-Individual Variability in Blocked Auditory Canal Transfer Functions of Three Circum-Aural Headphones
Cable Matters: Instrument Cables Affect the Frequency Response of Electric Guitars
An Approach to Small Size Direct Radiation Transducers with High SPL
High-Order Analog Control of a Clocked Class-D Audio Amplifier with Global Feedback Using Z-Domain Methods
A Novel Sharp Beam-Forming Flat Panel Loudspeaker Using Digitally Driven Speaker System
The Influence of the Directional Radiation Performance of the Individual Speaker Module, and Overall Array, on the Tonal Balance, Quality and Consistency of Sound Reinforcement Systems
Subwoofers in Rooms: Equalization of Multiple Subwoofers
A Systematic Approach to Measurement Limit Definitions in Loudspeaker Production
Inverse Distance Weighting for Extrapolating Balloon-Directivity-Plots
Mechanical Fatigue and Load-Induced Aging of Loudspeaker Suspension
Proximity Effect Detection for Directional Microphones
Vibrato Detection Using Cross Correlation Between Temporal Energy and Fundamental Frequency
A Non-Time-Progressive Partial Tracking Algorithm for Sinusoidal Modeling
Perceptually Relevant Models for Articulation in Synthesised Drum Patterns
A Systematic Study on Formant Transition in Speech Using Sinusoidal Glide
Perceived Quality of Resonance-Based Decomposed Vowels and Consonants
Relationship Between Subjective and Objective Evaluation of Distorted Speech Signals
Multiple Microphones Speech Enhancement Using Minimum Redundant Array
Two Physical Models for Spatially Extended Virtual Sound Sources
Auditory Depth Control: A New Approach Utilizing a Plane Wave Loudspeaker Radiating from Above a Listener
The SCENIC Project: Space-Time Audio Processing for Environment-Aware Acoustic Sensingand Rendering
Object-Based Sound Re-Mix for Spatially Coherent Audio Rendering of an Existing Stereoscopic-3D Animation Movie
Effect of Horizontal Diffusivity on Loudness
Locating the Missing 6 dB by Loudness Calibration of Binaural Synthesis
Difference Between the EBU R-128 Meter Recommendation and Human Subjective Loudness Perception
A Novel Multi-Stage Loudness Control Algorithm for Audio Processing
Simulation-Based Interface for Playing with Sounds in Media Applications
Advances in ENF Database Configuration for Forensic Authentication of Digital Media
Virtual Systems Engineering in Automotive Audio
Acoustical Modeling of Gunshots Including Directional Information and Reflections
Influence of Recording Distance and Direction on the Analysis of Voice Formants - Initial Considerations
Musical Movements—Gesture Based Audio Interfaces
A Nimble Video Editor That Puts Audio First
A Parametric Study of Magnet System Topologies for Miniature Loudspeakers
A Computational Model of Vented Band-Pass Enclosure Using Transmission Line Enclosure Modeling
Non-Linear Viscoelastic Models
Practical Applications of a Closed Feedback Loop Transducer System Equipped with Differential Pressure Control
Dual Diaphragm Compression Drivers
Distortions in Audio Op-Amps and Their Effect on Listener Perception of Character and Quality
Filling the Gaps Between the Grains of Down Pitching PSOLA or "Getting the Frog Out of PSOLA"
Content-Based Approach to Automatic Recommendation of Music
A Digital Emulation of the Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive Pedal Based on Physical Modeling
A Triode Model for Guitar Amplifier Simulation with Individual Parameter Fitting
Dereverberation of Musical Instrument Recordings for Improved Note Onset Detection and Instrument Recognition
Dimensional Reduction in Digital Synthesizers GUI Using Parameter Analysis
Size and Shape of Listening Area Reproduced by Three-Dimensional Multichannel Sound System with Various Numbers of Loudspeakers
Numerically Optimized Touring Loudspeaker Arrays - Practical Applications
Vertical Loudspeaker Arrangement for Reproducing Spatially Uniform Sound
Multichannel Sound Reproduction in the Environment for Auditory Research
Performance of MPEG Unified Speech and Audio Coding
Improved Error Robustness for Predictive Ultra Low Delay Audio Coding
AAC-ELD V2 - The New State of the Art in High Quality Communication Audio Coding
QMF Based Harmonic Spectral Band Replication
Perceptually Optimized Cascaded Long Term Prediction of Polyphonic Signals for Enhanced MPEG-AAC
Acoustic Channel Decorrelation with Phase Modification for Stereo Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Least-Squares Loal Tuning Frequency Estimation for Choir Music
A Low Latency Implementation of a Non Uniform Partitioned Overlap and Save Algorithm for Real Time Applications
3-D Audio Depth Rendering for Enhancing an Immersion of 3-DTV
Virtual Height Speaker Rendering for Samsung 10.2-Channel Vertical Surround System
Non Linear Convolution and Its Application to Audio Effects
Broadband Analysis and Synthesis for Directional Audio Coding Using A-Format Input Signals
Beamforming Regularization, Scaling Matrices and Inverse Problems for Sound Field Extrapolation and Characterization: Part I - Theory
Beamforming Regularization, Scaling Matrices and Inverse Problems for Sound Field Extrapolation and Characterization: Part II - Experiments
Mixed-Order Ambisonics Recording and Playback for Improving Horizontal Directionality
Local Sound Field Synthesis by Virtual Acoustic Scattering and Time-Reversal
A Subband Analysis and Coding Method for Downmixing Based Multichannel Audio Codec
Characterizing the Perceptual Effects Introduced by Low Bit Rate Spatial Audio Codecs
Error Robust Low Delay Audio Coding Based on Subband ADPCM
The Transient Steering Decorrelator Tool in the Upcoming MPEG Unified Speech and Audio Coding Standard
Swept Sine Grains Applied to Acoustical Measurements Using Perceptual Masking Effects
Multichannel Impulse Response Measurement in Matlab
Why Do Tube Amplifiers Have Fat Sound while Solid State Amplifiers Don't
The Effects of Headphones on Listener HRTF Preference
Head Orientation Tracking Using Binaural Headset Microphones
Observing the Clustering Tendencies of Head Related Transfer Function Databases
Individual Perception of Headphone Reproduction Asymmetry
Binaural Reproduction of Stereo Signals Using Upmixing and Diffuse Rendering
Sound Quality Evaluation Based on Attributes - Application to Binaural Contents
A Revised Approach to Teaching Audio Mixing Techniques: Applying the Deliberate Practice Model
Sound Field Recording and Reproduction Using Transform Filter Designed in Spatio-Temporal Frequency Domain
Practical Digital Playback of Gramophone Records Using Flat-Bed Scanner Images
CAIRA - A Creative Artificially-Intuitive and Reasoning Agent as Conductor of Telematic Music Improvisations
Discrimination Between Phonograph Playback Systems
Vibration Analysis of Edge and Middle Exciters in Multiactuator Panels
Challenges in 2.4 GHz Wireless Audio Streaming
Ray-Traced Graphical User Interfaces for Audio Effect Plug-Ins
Digital Low-Pass Filter Design with Analog-Matched Magnitude Response
Performance Evaluation of Algorithms for Arbitrary Sample Rate Conversion
Acoustic Echo Cancellation for Surround Sound Using Spatial Decorrelation
A Fixed Beamforming Based Approach for Stereophonic Audio-Conference Systems
Influence of Different Test Room Environments on IACC as an Objective Measure of Spatial Impression or Spaciousness
The Relationship Between Interchannel Time and Level Differences in Vertical Sound Localization and Masking
Observations on Human Sound Source Localization in the Mid-Sagittal Plane and in Anechoic Space
Reducing the Cost of Audiovisual Content Classification by Experiment
Quality and Performance Assessment of Wave Field Synthesis Reproducing Moving Sound Sources
Comparison of Subjective Assessments Obtained from Listening Tests through Headphones and Loudspeaker Setups
A Subjective Validation Method for Musical Instrument Emulation
Exploratory Studies on Perceptual Stationarity in Listening Test - Part I: Real World Signals from Custom Listening Tests
Exploratory Studies on Perceptual Stationarity in Listening Test - Part II: Synthetic Signals with Time Varying Artifacts
The Practical Effects of Lateral Energy in Critical Listening Environments
The Effects of Monitoring Systems on Balance Preference: A Comparative Study of Mixing on Headphones Versus Loudspeakers
The Effect of Head Movement on Perceived Listener Envelopment and Apparent Source Width
System Theory of Binaural Synthesis
A Quantization Method Based on Binaural Perceptual Characteristic for Interaural Level Difference
Estimation of Head-Related Impulse Responses from Impulse Responses Acquired for Multiple Source Positions in Ordinary Sound Field
Towards the Creation of a Standardized HRTF Repository
On the Synthetic Binaural Signals of Moving Sources
The Role of Head-Related Transfer Functions' Spectral Features in Sound Source Localization in the Mid-Sagittal Plane
A Selection Model Based on Perceptual and Statistics Characteristic for Interaural Level Difference
Perceptual Evaluation of a Spatial Audio Algorithm Based on Wave Field Synthesis Using a Reduced Number of Loudspeakers
Design and Evaluation of an Interactive Simulated Reverberant Environment
Multi-Touch Room Expansion Controller for Real-Time Acoustic Gestures
Adaptive Crosstalk Cancellation Using Common Acoustical Pole and Zero (CAPZ) Model—Common Pole Estimation
The Impact of Producers’ Comments and Musicians’ Self-Evaluation on Performance During Recording Sessions
The Influence of Camera Focal Length in the Direct-To-Reverb Ratio Suitability and Its Effect in the Perception of Distance for a Motion Picture
Automatic Soundscape Classification via Comparative Psychometrics and Machine Learning
Effect of Whole-Body Vibration on Speech. Part II: Effect on Intelligibility
Some New Evidence That Teenagers May Prefer Accurate Sound Reproduction
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