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On the Transient Response of Ideal Crossover Networks
Influence of Transmission Error on Formant Coded Compressed Speech Signals
A Sound Stimulus Source for Psychological Experimentation
Transistor Front Ends for FM Tuners
A Control Console for Multi-Speaker Presentations of Electronic Music
Loudspeaker Enclosure Walls
Some Studies on the Reduction of Head Wear Caused by Magnetic Tapes and a Test Device for Measuring the Relative Wear on a Simulated Head
Practical Stereo Reverberation for Studio Recording
Line Radiators for Sound Reinforcement and Public Address
Condenser Earphone with Solid Dielectric
Aid to Music Composition Employing a Random Probability System
Use of Leakage Inductance in Audio Design
The Definition, Description, and Measurement of -Flutter-
A Special Purpose Language Laboratory
A Frequency Shifter for Improving Acoustic Feedback Stability
The Assessment of Two-Channel Stereophonic Reproduction Performance in Studio Monitor Rooms, Living rooms and Small theatres
A Transistorized Tone Burst System for Transient Response Testing of Loudspeakers
The New Stereo FM Broadcasting System-How to Understand the FCC Specifications and Generate the Composite Signal
Compatibility Problems in Two-Channel Stereophonic Recordings
The Design and Performance of the E. M. I. Integrated Stereo Pickup and Arm Type EPU100
Approaches to Wide-Band, High-Resolution Magnetic Recording
Electronic Sound Absorber
Doppler Type Organ Tone Cabinet
A Cordless Voice-Assist System for a Small Auditorium
Natural Sounding Artificial Reverberation
Improvement of Feedback Stability of Public Address Systems by Frequency Shifting
Design of a New Transistorized Oscillator
A New All-Transistor Sound Meter
Multiplex Stereo FM Tuners and Adaptors
Musical Aspects of Synthetic Reverberation
Criteria for Compatible AM-FM Stereo as an Interim Method for FM Multiplex Stereo
Introductory Remarks to the Session on Acoustics in Oceanographic Research, and : Sound - The Test Probe to Sense the Ocean
Low-Frequency Water-Borne Sound Generators
Suspension Systems and Cables for Underwater Instrumentation
A Multiplex Stereo Generator
A New ASA Standard Sound Level Meter
Sonalarm-A New Concept in Monitor Control
Some Auditory Problems in Selection and Training of Sonarmen
Transistorized 3-Channel Mixing Console, for Simultaneous FM Multiplex and AM Broadcasting
Transistor Preamplifier Power Supply Requirements
Distortion Measurements of High-Frequency Loudspeakers
Principles and Techniques of Measuring Hearing by Bone Conduction
The Relations Among Aftereffects of Acoustic Stimulation
Some Relations Between Speech Intelligibility and the Electro-Acoustic Characteristics of Hearing Aids
Development of a Low Loss, High Precision Permeameter for the Evaluation of High Energy Permanent Magnets
Reverberation in Rooms and in the Sea
Hydrophones-The Acoustic Sensing Devices for the Deep and Shallow Oceans
The Absolute Calibration of Hydrophones for Deep-Sea Use
The Relationship Between the Measurements of an Amplifier and Its Listening Quality
Audio Considerations for Stereophonic Broadcasting
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