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A Parametric Instrument Codec for Very Low Bit Rates
Stereo ACC Real-Time Audio Communication
MPEG-4 Enhanced Low Delay AAC - A New Standard for High Quality Communication
Efficient Detection of Exact Redundancies in Audio Signals
An Improved Distortion Measure for Audio Coding and a Corresponding Two-Layered Trellis Approach for Its Optimization
Spatial Audio Scene Coding
Microphone Front-Ends for Spatial Audio Coders
Spatialized Additive Synthesis of Environmental Sounds
Harmonic Sinusoidal + Noise Modeling of Audio Based on Multiple F0 Estimation
Sound Extraction of Delackered Records
Parametric Interpolation of Gaps in Audio Signals
Classification of Musical Genres Using Audio Waveform Descriptors in MPEG-7
Loudness Descriptors to Characterize Programs and Music Tracks
Methods for Identification of the Tuning System in Audio Musical Signals
“Roughometer”: Realtime Roughness Calculation and Profiling
Graceful Degradation for Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)
Factors Affecting Perception of Audio-Video Synchronization in Television
Absolute Threshold of Coherence of Position Perception between Auditory and Visual Sources for Dialogs
Clandestine Wireless Development During WWII
Application of Multichannel Impulse Response Measurement to Automotive Audio
Multichannel Low Frequency Room Simulation with Properly Modeled Source Terms – Multiple Equalization Comparison
A Super-Wide-Range Microphone with Cardioid Directivity
Methods and Limitations of Line Source Simulation
Can One Perform Quasi-Anechoic Measurements in Normal Rooms?
Automatic Verification of Large Sound Reinforcement Systems Using Models of Loudspeaker Performance Data
Bend Radius
Detecting Changes in Audio Signals by Digital Differencing
Research on a Measuring Method of Headphones and Earphones Using HATS
Loudspeaker Production Variance
Distributed Mechanical Parameters Describing Vibration and Sound Radiation of Loudspeaker Drive Units
A New Methodology for the Acoustic Design of Compression Driver Phase Plugs with Radial Channels
Mechanical Properties of Ferrofluids in Loudspeakers
An Ironless Low Frequency Subwoofer Functioning under Its Resonance Frequency
Line Arrays with Controllable Directional Characteristics — Theory and Practice
Loudspeaker Directivity Improvement Using Low Pass and All Pass Filters
On the Necessary Delay for the Design of Causal and Stable Recursive Inverse Filters for Loudspeaker Equalization
A Piano Sound Database for Testing Automatic Transcription Methods
Measurements of Spaciousness for Stereophonic Music
Music Annotation and Retrieval System Using Anti-Models
The Effects of Lossy Audio Encoding on Onset Detection Tasks
An Evaluation of Pre-Processing Algorithms for Rhythmic Pattern Analysis
A Framework for Producing Rich Musical Metadata in Creative Music Production
SoundTorch: Quick Browsing in Large Audio Collections
File System Tricks for Audio Production
On the Minimum-Phase Nature of Head-Related Transfer Functions
Apparatus Comparison for the Characterization of Spaces
Quantifying the Effect of Room Response on Automatic Speech Recognition Systems
In Situ Determination of Acoustic Absorption Coefficients
Head-Related Transfer Function Customization by Frequency Scaling and Rotation Shift Based on a New Morphological Matching Method
An Investigation of 2-D Multizone Surround Sound Systems
Two-Channel Matrix Surround Encoding for Flexible Interactive 3-D Audio Reproduction
Is My Decoder Ambisonic?
Exploiting Human Spatial Resolution in Surround Sound Decoder Design
Surround System Based on Three-Dimensional Sound Field Reconstruction
A Comparison of Wave Field Synthesis and Higher-Order Ambisonics with Respect to Physical Properties and Spatial Sampling
Reproduction of Virtual Sound Sources Moving at Supersonic Speeds in Wave Field Synthesis
An Efficient Method to Generate Particle Sounds in Wave Field Synthesis
Audibility of Phase Response Differences in a Stereo Playback System. Part 2: Narrow-Band Stimuli in Headphones and Loudspeakers
Time Variance of the Suspension Nonlinearity
A Study of the Creep Effect in Loudspeaker Suspension
The Influence of Acoustic Environment on the Threshold of Audibility of Loudspeaker Resonances
Confirmation of Chaos in a Loudspeaker System Using Time Series Analysis
Testing Loudness Models—Real vs. Artificial Content
Audibility of High Q-Factor All-Pass Components in Head-Related Transfer Functions
A Psychoacoustic Measurement and ABR for the Sound Signals in the Frequency Range Between 10 kHz and 24 kHz
Quantifying the Strategy Taken by a Pair of Ensemble Hand-Clappers under the Influence of Delay
Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluations for TV Advertisements Relative to the Adjacent Programs
Imperfections and Possible Advances in Analog Summing Amplifier Design
A Switchmode Power Supply Suitable for Audio Power Amplifiers
On the Optimization of Enhanced Cascode
An Active Load and Test Method for Evaluating the Efficiency of Audio Power Amplifiers
An Objective Method of Measuring Subjective Click-and-Pop Performance for Audio Amplifiers
Effective Car Audio System Enabling Individual Signal Processing Operations of Coincident Multiple Audio Sources through Single Digital Audio Interface Line
Digital Equalization of Automotive Sound Systems Employing Spectral Smoothed FIR Filters
Implementation of a Generic Algorithm on Various Automotive Platforms
Advanced Audio Algorithms for a Real Automotive Digital Audio System
Individual Subjective Preferences for the Relationship between SPL and Different Cinema Shot Sizes
Improvements to a Spherical Binaural Capture Model for Objective Measurement of Spatial Impression with Consideration of Head Movements
Predicting Perceived Off-Center Sound Degradation in Surround Loudspeaker Setups for Various Multichannel Microphone Techniques
Rapid Learning of Subjective Preference in Equalization
An Initial Validation of Individualized Crosstalk Cancellation Filters for Binaural Perceptual Experiments
Reverberation Echo Density Psychoacoustics
Optimal Modal Spacing and Density for Critical Listening
The Illusion of Continuity Revisited on Filling Gaps in the Saxophone Sound
The Incongruency Advantage for Sounds in Natural Scenes
Advanced Passive Loudspeaker Protection
Target Modes in Moving Assemblies of Compression Drivers and Other Speakers
Determining Manufacture Variation in Loudspeakers Through Measurement of Thiele/Small Parameters
About Phase Optimization in Multitone Excitations
Viscous Friction and Temperature Stability of the Mid-High Frequency Loudspeaker
Calorimetric Evaluation of Intrinsic Friction in the Loudspeaker Membrane
Phantom Powering the Modern Condenser Microphone: A Practical Look at Conditions for Optimized Performance
QESTRAL (Part 1): Quality Evaluation of Spatial Transmission and Reproduction Using an Artificial Listener
QESTRAL (Part 2): Calibrating the QESTRAL Model Using Listening Test Data
QESTRAL (Part 3): System and Metrics for Spatial Quality Prediction
QESTRAL (Part 4): Test Signals, Combining Metrics, and the Prediction of Overall Spatial Quality
An Unintrusive Objective Model for Predicting the Sensation of Envelopment Arising from Surround Sound Recordings
Accuracy Issues in Finite Element Simulation of Loudspeakers
Nonlinear Loudspeaker Unit Modeling
An Optimized Pair-Wise Constant Power Panning Algorithm for Stable Lateral Sound Imagery in the 5.1 Reproduction System
The Use of Delay Control for Stereophonic Audio Rendering Based on VBAP
Ambience Sound Recording Utilizing Dual MS (Mid-Side) Microphone Systems Based upon Frequency Dependent Spatial Cross Correlation (FSCC)—Part-2: Acquisition of On-Stage Sounds
Ambisonic Loudspeaker Arrays
Optimum Placement for Small Desktop/PC Loudspeakers
An Audio Reproduction Grand Challenge: Design a System to Sonic Boom an Entire House
A Platform for Audiovisual Telepresence Using Model- and Data-Based Wave-Field Synthesis
SMART-I2: "Spatial Multi-User Audio-Visual Real Time Interactive Interface"
Head-Related Transfer Functions Reconstruction from Sparse Measurements Considering a Priori Knowledge from Database Analysis: A Pattern Recognition Approach
Near-Field Compensation for HRTF Processing
A Method for Estimating Interaural Time Difference for Binaural Synthesis
Efficient Delay Interpolation for Wave Field Synthesis
Obtaining Binaural Room Impulse Responses from B-Format Impulse Responses
A New Audio Postproduction Tool for Speech Dereverberation
Preliminary Results of Calculation of a Sound Field Distribution for the Design of a Sound Field Effector Using a 2-Way Loudspeaker Array with Pseudorandom Configuration
Design and Implementation of a Sound Field Effector Using a Loudspeaker Array
Wave Field Synthesis: Practical Implementation and Application to Sound Beam Digital Pointing
Highly Focused Sound Beamforming Algorithm Using Loudspeaker Array System
Super-Directive Loudspeaker Array for the Generation of Personal Sound Zone
A Framework for a Near-Optimal Excitation Based Rate-Distortion Algorithm for Audio Coding
Audio Bandwidth Extension by Frequency Scaling of Sinusoidal Partials
Robustness Issues in Multi-View Audio Coding
Quality Improvement of Very Low Bit Rate HE-AAC Using Linear Prediction Module
An Implementation of MPEG-4 ALS Standard Compliant Decoder on ARM Core CPUs
Assessing the Acoustic Performance and Potential Intelligibility of Assistive Audio Systems for the Hard of Hearing and Other Users
Aging and Sound Perception: Desirable Characteristics of Entertainment Audio for the Elderly
Speech Enhancement of Movie Sound
An Investigation of Audio Balance for Elderly Listeners Using Loudness as the Main Parameter
Estimating the Transfer Function from Air Conduction Recording to One’s Own Hearing
Determination and Correction of Individual Channel Time Offsets for Signals Involved in an Audio Mixture
STFT-Domain Estimation of Subband Correlations
Separation of Singing Voice from Music Accompaniment with Unvoiced Sounds Reconstruction for Monaural Recordings
Low Latency Convolution in One Dimension Via Two Dimensional Convolutions: An Intuitive Approach
Simple Arbitary IIRs
Analysis of Design Parameters for Crosstalk Cancellation Filters Applied to Different Loudspeaker Configurations
A Hybrid Time and Frequency Domain Audio Pitch Shifting Algorithm
A Colored Noise Suppressor Using Lattice Filter with Correlation Controlled Algorithm
Accurate IIR Equalization to an Arbitrary Frequency Response, with Low Delay and Low Noise Real-Time Adjustment
A Method of Capacity Increase for Time-Domain Audio Watermarking Based on Low-Frequency Amplitude Modification
Constrained-Optimized Sound Beamforming of Loudspeaker-Array System
Magnetic Development: Magneto-Optical Indicator Film Imaging vs. Ferrofluids
Extraction of Electric Network Frequency Signals from Recordings Made in a Controlled Magnetic Field
Forensic Voice Identification Utilizing Digitally Extracted Speech Characteristics
Applications of Algorithmically-Generated Digital Audio for Web-Based Sonic Measure Ear Training
A Perceptual Model-Based Speech Enhancement Algorithm
Real Time Implementation of an ESPRIT-Based Bass Enhancement Algorithm
Low-Power Implementation of a Subband Acoustic Echo Canceller for Portable Devices
A Digital Model of the Echoplex Tape Delay
A Digital Reverberator Modeled After the Scattering of Acoustic Waves by Trees in a Forest
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