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Autodirective Dual Microphone
Circular Microphone Array for Discrete Multichannel Audio Recording.
A New Comprehensive Approach of Surround Sound Recording
The Mechanisms Creating Wind Noise in Microphones
Integrated Circuits for High Performance Electret Microphones
Radio Frequency Susceptibility of Capacitor Microphones
Microphone Array Beam Forming for Multichannel Recording
Intelligibility of Reflected Sound Sources Part I
Listening Technology for Automotive Sound Systems
Perceptual Quality Assessment of Telecommunications Systems Including Terminals.
The Significance of Spectral Overlap in Multiple-source Localization
Accuracy of the Listeners' Estimation of the Speakers' Body Weight and Height Based Solely on the Voice Signal
Wave Field Synthesis in the Real World: Part 1 - In the Living Room
Differences in Performance and Preference of Trained versus Untrained Listeners In Loudspeaker Tests: A Case Study
Sensitivity of High Order Loudspeaker Crossover Networks with All Pass Response
Automated In-Situ Frequency Response Optimisation of Active Loudspeakers
Measurement of Loudspeaker Amplitude Modulation Distortion
Modelling Room Interaction for Pistonic and Distributed-mode Loudspeakers in both Frequency and Time Domains
Nonlinear Modeling of the Heat Transfer in Loudspeakers
Measurement of Impulsive Distortion, Rub and Buzz and other Disturbances
Effect of Porous Material on the Diffusivity of an Unbaffled DML Panel
Listening Test Methodology for Headphone Evaluation
Ideal Point Modelling of the Quality of Noisy Speech in Mobile Communications Based on Multidimensional Scaling
A Comparison of Speech Quality Judgments in Laboratory and in Real Environment
Psychophysical Calibration of Sharpness for Multiparameter Distortion Effects Processing
The Significance of Phase as an Auditory Cue
Detection and Diagnoses of Subharmonic Tones Generated in Woofers
Direct-Radiator Loudspeaker Systems with High Bl
Finite Element Methods and Equivalent Electrical Models for Loudspeaker Characterization.
Product Safety- End of Audio Fun?
Analysis of the Folded Horn
The Full-Sphere Sound Field of Constant Beamwidth Transducer (CBT) Loudspeaker Line Arrays
Common-Mode to Differential-Mode Conversion in Shielded Twisted-pair Cables (Shield-Current-Induced Noise)
New Vacuum-Tube and Output Transformer Models Applied to the Quad II Valve Amplifier
System Measurement and Modeling using Pseudo-random Filtered Noise and Music Sequences
Improvements of a Horn-loaded Omnidirectional Sound Source
The Development of Disc Cutting Heads.
Automotive Doors as Loudspeaker Enclosures
Parameterizing Human Pinna Shape for the Estimation of Head-related Transfer Functions
An Independent Component Analysis Approach to Automatic Music Transcription
Efficient Model Performing a Multilevel Structure of Auditory Information Applied to Audio Coding
BlockCompiler: Efficient Simulation of Acoustic and Audio Systems
An Analytical Modelling to Describe the Coupling Between a Piezoelectric Actuator and a Loading Medium. Validation of the Method for Engineering Problems
Simulation Tools in Electroacoustic Tranducers. A Case Study: Different Order Band-pass System Design
One New Method for Calculating Reverberation Time in Car Compartment
Room Mode Bass Absorption Through Combined Diaphragmatic & Helmholtz Resonance Techniques: 'The Springzorber'
Room Acoustics for Rehearsals and Concerts - The New Festhalle in Landau, Germany
What You Specify Is What You Get (part 1)
What You Specify Is What You Get (part 2)
User Interaction and Authoring of 3D Sound Scenes in the Carrouso EU project
The Acoustic and Intelligibility Performance of Assitive Listening & Deaf Aid Loop (AFILS) Systems
Study of Sound Source Shape and Wideness in Virtual and Real Auditory Displays
A New Approach to Detecting Auditory Onsets within a Binaural Stream
Techniques and Applications of Wearable Augmented Reality Audio
Unidimensional Simulation of the Spatial Attribute 'Ensemble Width' for Training Purposes
Algorithms for Moving Sound Images
Creation and Verification of a Controlled Experimental Stimulus for Investigating Selected Perceived Spatial Attributes
High- Resolution Robust Multipitch Analysis of Guitar Chords
Control of Signal Processing Algorithms using the MATRIX Interface
Extraction of Weak Background Transients from Audio Signals
Non-linear Dynamics Processing
Error Correction in Class AB Power Amplifiers
Pitch Detection of the Singing Voice in Muscial Audio
Real-Time Wavelet Packet-based Low Bit Rate Audio Coding on a Dynamic Reconfiguration System
Results for Room Acoustics Equalisation Based on Smoothed Responses
Network Audio Recording Environment
Latency in Audio Ethernet Networks
On the Performance of Clock Synchronization Algorithms for a Distributed Commodity Audio System
Perceptually Motivated Low Complexity Acoustic Echo Control
A New Connection Management Architecture for the Next Generation of mLAN
A Comparative Study of mLAN and CobraNet Technologies and their use in the Sound Installation Industry
A Novel Method for the Efficient Comparison of Spatialization Conditions
A Study on Head Shape Simplification Using Spherical Harmonics for HRTF Computation at Low Frequencies
Further Investigations of High-Order Ambisonics and Wavefield Synthesis for Holophonic Sound Imaging
Perceptual Evaluation of Binaural Sound Synthesis: the Problem of Reporting Localization Judgments
Sound Field Management with the Arkamys Sound Process
Digital Stereo Recording of Traditional Malaysian Musical Instruments
An Application of Ambiophony for the Enhancement of the Reverberant Environment inside the Walls of a Byzantine Castle
A Method of 3-D Sound Image Localization using Loudspeaker Arrays
The Analysis of Peculiarities of Russian Bells Acoustic Parameters .
Implementation of a Delay Matrix
Matrixed Multi-channel Extension for AAC codec
Measurement of Sampling Jitter using a Musical Signal
Design of Digital Audio Amplifier for Automotive Applications
Transforming Ambiophonic + Ambisonic 3D Surround Sound to & from ITU 5.1/6.1
Improving Speech Intelligibility in Teleconferencing by using Wave Field Synthesis
Application of Wave Field Synthesis in Life-size Videoconferencing
Comparison of Quality Degradation Effects Caused by Limitation of Bandwidth and by Down-mix Algorithms in Consumer Multichannel Audio Delivery Systems
Temporal Aspects of Listener Envelopment in Multichannel Surround Systems
Single DSP for Audio Stream Control and Manipulation in Multichannel Receiver
Applying Physical Modeling, Set Theory, and Cellular Automata to Create Computer Synthesized Musical Compositions
Automatic Labeling of Unpitched Percussion Sounds
Using a Physiological Ear Model for Automatic Melody Transcription and Sound Source Recognition
Prior Subspace Analysis for Drum Transcription
Real Time Object Based Coding
Using and Enhancing the Current MPEG-7 Standard for a Music Content Processing Tool
Determination of the Meter of Musical Audio Signals: Seeking Recurrences in Beat Segment Descriptors
Temporal Segmentation and Pre-analysis for Non-linear Time-scaling of Audio.
Protecting Digital Media with End-to-End Encryption
Testing Challenges in Personal Computer Audio Systems
Remote Interface for Audio Devices (RIAD)
VOTA Utility: Making the Computer Sing
Rendering of Advanced 3D Room Models by Enhanced Application Programming Interfaces
Reversible Audio Watermarking
Emerging and Exotic Auditory Interfaces
Implementation of MPEG-4 Audio Nodes in an Interactive Virtual 3D Environment
Robust Real-Time Identification of PCM Audio Sources
Controlled Pre-response Antialias Filters for Use at 96kHz and 192kHz
Design Techniques for High-performance Discrete A/D Converters
Time-Scale Modification of Speech using a Synchronised and Adaptive Overlap-Add (SAOLA) Algorithm
Tree Based Lookahead Sigma Delta Modulators
Time Frequency Analysis, Modeling and Equalization of Room Impulse Response Functions
A Class of Sampling Rate Converters with Interesting Properties
Feedback Strategies in Digitally Controlled Class-D Amplifiers
Audio Signal Processing Using Complex Wavelets
Original File Length (OFL) for mp3, mp3PRO and Other Audio Codecs
MDCT Analysis of Sinusoids and Applications to Coding Artifacts Reduction.
They Exist: Limit Cycles in High Order Sigma Delta Modulators
Implementation of a DRM Audio Decoder (aacPlus) on ARM Architecture
State-of-the-Art Audio Coding for Broadcasting and Mobile Applications
AQTtool an Automatic Tool for Design and Synthesis of Psychoacoustic Equalizers
Speech Intelligibility of the Call Sign Acquisition Test (CAT) for Army Communication Systems
Acoustic Personalization of Mobile Phones
Modelling the Auditory Perception of Size, Shape and Material: Applications to the Classification of Transient Sonar Sounds
The Importance of Reflections in a Binaural Room Impulse Response
Use of Auditory Temporal Masking in the MPEG Psychoacoustic Model 2
A Sound Field Control Method Based on an Objective Measure of Spatial Impression
Psychoacoustic Investigations on Sound-source Occlusion
A Single Chip AES3 Receiver and Transmitter and Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter Supporting Sample Rates from 32 kHz to 192 kHz
Comparison of Modal Equalizer Design Methods
Efficient Trellis-type Sigma Delta Modulator
A New Digital-to-Analogue Converter Design Technique for HiFi Applications
Discrete-time Loudspeaker Modelling
Subjective Effects of Regularization on Inverse Filtering
Audio Processing in the Wavelet Domain
Enhancing Audio Coding Efficiency of MPEG Layer-2 with Spectral Band Replication (SBR) for DigitalRadio (EUREKA 147/DAB) in a Backwards Compatible Way
Perceptual Optimization of the Frequency Selective Switch in Scalable Audio Coding
Advances in Parametric Coding for High-Quality Audio
Ultra High Quality, Video Frame Synchronous Audio Coding
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