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Two-Port Representation of the Junction Between Horn-driver and Horn
The Transient Magnetic Behaviour of Loudspeaker Motors
Compensating Non-linear Distortion in an 'Equal-Hung' Voice Coil
Spatial Bandwidth of Diffuse Radiation in Distributed-Mode Loudspeakers
Impact of Artificial Reverberation on Perceived Sound Localization During a Headphone Listening Task
Research on the Improvement of Naturalness in Auralization
More About This Reverberation Science: Perceptually Good Late Reverberation
Time-Frequency Methods for Virtual Microphone Signal Synthesis
An Integrated Multidimensional Controller of Auditory Perspective in a Multichannel Sound Field
Prediction of Speaker Performance at High Amplitudes
Loudspeaker Nonlinear Parameter Estimation: An Optimization Method
Computer-Aided Design of Electrodynamic Loudspeakers by Using a Finite Element Method
The Virtual Loudspeaker Cabinet
Adaptive Synthesis of Immersive Audio Rendering Filters
Unravelling the Perception of Spatial Sound Reproduction: Analysis & External Preference Mapping
Unravelling the Perception of Spatial Sound Reproduction: Language Development, Verbal Protocol Analysis and Listener Training
The Active Listening Room Simulator: Part 2
Ambiophonics. Achieving Physiological Realism in Music Recording and Reproduction
A/V Synchronization Using Modified Packetized Elementary Stream (PES) Over Synchronous Audio Interface
High Performance PWM Power Audio Amplifier
ACN - A Protocol Suite for Entertainment Technology Networking
Active Control System for Low Frequency Road Noise Combined with an Audio System
Improving the Intelligibility of Aircraft PA Systems
Analysis of Directivity Anomalies in Mid and High Frequency Horn Loudspeakers
High-quality Encoding Algorithms in MPEG-2 AAC for Electric Music Distribution
Hearing Aid Distortion Measurement Using the Auditory Distance Parameter
Schemes for Re-Compressing MP3 Audio Bitstreams
Selecting an Optimal Huffman Decoder for AAC
Audio Coding Using Perceptually Controlled Bitstream Buffering
Modern Development Tools for Dynamic Transducers
Loudspeaker Complex Directional Response Characterization
Loudspeaker Transfer Function Averaging and Interpolation
Resynchronization Methods for Audio Watermarking an Audio System
New Results on Combined Audio Compression/Watermarking
Subjective Evaluation of an Audio Distribution Coding System
Auditory Models in Audio Coding
The Reduction of Distortion in the Dynamic Compressor
Binaural Modeling of Multiple Sound Source Perception: Methodology and Coloration Experiments
Bayesian Harmonic Analysis for Audio Testing and Measurement
Characterizing Digital Audio Transformers with Induced Jitter Histograms
Measurement, Analysis, and Visualization of Directional Room Responses
New Factors in Room Equalization Using a Fuzzy Logic Approach
Development of Test Signals for the EIA-426-B Loudspeaker Power Rating Compact Disk
Spectral Approach to the Modeling of the Singing Voice
Design, Generation and Analysis of Digital Test Signals
Interactions Between Surround Sound Level and the Immersive Feeling in the Multichannel Movie Experience
Descriptive Analysis of Speech Quality in Mobile Communications: Descriptive Language Development and External Preference Mapping
The Effect of Loudspeaker Type on the Identification of Vowel-like Harmonic Complexes
An Investigation of Interaural Time Difference Fluctuations, Part 3: The Subjective Effect of Fluctuations in Continuous Stimuli Delivered Over Loudspeakers
An Investigation of Interaural Time Difference Fluctuations, Part 4: The Subjective Effect of Fluctuations in Decaying Stimuli Delivered Over Loudspeakers
Internet Audio Streaming Service Technology Integrated with Copyright Protection
Error Concealment for Compressed Digital Audio
Scalability and Synchronization in IEEE 1394-Based Content-Creation Networks
MPEG-21 - What does it bring to Audio?
Advanced Audio Identification Using MPEG-7 Content Description
A Legacy Adapter Component of a 1394-Based Professional Studio Architecture
Design of Studio Microphones with Extended High-Frequency Response
Modal Improved Condenser Microphone
Benefits of a Digitally Interfaced Studio Microphone
An Interdisciplinary Integration of Reverberation
What Happens to My Recording When it's Played on the Radio?
A Tutorial on Performance Metrics and Noise Propagation in Digital IIR Filters
Audio Coding based on Integer Transforms
Efficient Compression of Oversampled 1-bit Audio Signals
Audio Applications of the Teager Energy Operator
IIR Biquad Controllers for Low Frequency Acoustic Resonance
A Single-Chip Three-Channel 112 dB Audio DAC with Audio DSP Capability
Beyond CD-Quality: Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) for High Resolution Audio with 24 Bit Resolution and 96 kHz Sampling Frequency
Towards a Better Understanding of 1-Bit Sigma-Delta Modulators - Part 2
Effective Dither in High Order Sigma-Delta Modulators
Non-invasive Identification of Audio Content for High-resolution Applications
Low-Frequency Modal Equalization of Loudspeaker-Room Responses
Practical Limits for Room Equalization
A New Concept of Interference Compensation for Parametric and Graphic Equalizer Banks
An Efficient Pipeline for Digital Signal Processing in Interactive Audio
An Intelligent System Approach to Sound Synthesis Parameter Optimisation
"J" and "Spiral" Line Arrays
Mixing Techniques for Multi-Channel (Left/Center/Right) Sound Reinforcement Systems
Design Requirements for Sound Reinforcement Systems in Serbian Orthodox Churches
Wavefront Sculpture Technology
Perceptual Audio Coders "What to listen for"
Increased Efficiency MPEG-2 AAC Encoding
Fine Grain Scalability in MPEG-4 Audio
Efficient Audio Coding with Fine-Grain Scalability
Low-Latency Encoding for Consumer Applications
A Study Of Why Cross Channel Prediction Is Not Applicable To Perceptual Audio Coding
Automatic Long-term Loudness and Dynamics Matching
A Survey Study of In-Situ Stereo and Multi-Channel Monitoring Conditions
Music and Sound Production Within a Computer
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