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Accuracy of ITU-R BS.1770 Algorithm in Evaluating Multitrack Material
An Online Resource for the Subjective Comparison of Vocal Microphones
Perception of Distance and the Effect on Sound Recording Distance Suitability for a 3-D or 2-D Image
Modeling Auditory-Haptic Interface Cues from an Analog Multi-line Telephone
Tailoring Practice Room Acoustics to Student Needs
Acoustic Properties of Small Practice Rooms Where Musicians Can Practice Contentedly: Effect of Reverberation on Practice
Bellamy Baffle Array: A Multichannel Recording Technique to Improve Listener Envelopment
A Comparison of Highly Configurable CPU- and GPU-Based Convolution Engines
Multichannel Audio Processor which Adapts to 2-D and 3-D Loudspeaker Setups
A Comparison of Recording, Rendering, and Reproduction Techniques for Multichannel Spatial Audio
The Reactive Source: A Reproduction Format Agnostic and Adaptive Spatial Audio Effect
Teaching Critical Thinking in an Audio Production Curriculum
Sync-AV – Workflow Tool for File-Based Video Shootings
Audio over IP
Implementation of an Interactive 3-D Reverberator for Video Games Using Statistical Acoustics
Printable Loudspeaker Arrays for Flexible Substrates and Interactive Surfaces
Nonlinear Distortion Measurement in Audio Amplifiers: The Perceptual Nonlinear Distortion Response
EspGrid: A Protocol for Participatory Electronic Ensemble Performance
A Microphone Technique for Improved Stereo Image, Spatial Realism, and Mixing Flexibility: STAGG (Stereo Technique for Augmented Ambience Gradient)
Parametric Horn Design
Integration of Touch Pressure and Position Sensing with Speaker Diaphragms
Power Entry—Where High Performance Design Begins
Design and Construction of the Tri-Baffle: A Modular Acoustic Modification System for Task-Based Mixing Experiments
Another View of Distortion Perception
How Can Sample Rates Be Properly Compared in Terms of Audio Quality?
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