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An Algebraic Theory of 3D Sound Synthesis with Loudspeakers
Round Robin Subjective Evaluation of Stereo Enhancement System for Headphones
Finding Repeating Patterns in Acoustic Musical Signals : Applications for Audio Thumbnailing
Instrumental Analysis and Synthesis of Auditory Scenes: Communication Acoustics
An Evaluation of Three Sound Mappings through the Localization Behavior of the Eyes
Least Squares Theory and Design of Optimal Noise Shaping Filters
Static and Dynamic Sound Source Localization in a Virtual Room
Pulse-dependent Analyses of Percussive Music
Combining Digital Waveguide and Functional Transformation Methods for Physical Modeling of Musical Instruments
The Significance of Tonality Index and Non-linear Psychoacoustics Models for Masking Threshold Estimation
A Psychophysical Investigation of the Frequency-warping Coefficient (Lambda)
Audio Interpolation for Virtual Audio Synthesis
Modeling Bill's Gait: Analysis and Parametric Synthesis of Walking Sounds
Perceptual Evaluation of Static Binaural Sound Synthesis
W-Panning and O-Format, Tools for Object Spatialization
Interaural Time Difference Estimation Using the Differential Pressure Synthesis Method
Stratigraphical Sound in 4D Space
Better Presence and Performance in Virtual Environments by Improved Binaural Sound Rendering
Using Voice Segments to Improve Artist Classification of Music
Efficient HRTF Interpolation in 3D Moving Sound
Perceptual Resonators for Interactive Worlds
Interactive Granular Synthesis of Haptic Contact Sounds
Virtual Strings Based on a 1-D FDTD Waveguide Model: Stability, Losses, and Traveling Waves
Production of Virtual Acoustic Guitar Music
Coding Principles for Virtual Acoustic Openings
Transmitting Audio Content as Sound Objects
Subjective Audio Quality Trade-offs in Consumer Multichannel Audio-Visual Delivery Systems. Part II: Effects of Low Frequency Limitation
Compensating Displacement of Amplitude-panned Virtual Sources
Perception-Based Design of Virtual Rooms for Sound Reproduction
Wavelet-based Spectral Smoothing for Head-Related Transfer Function Filter Design
Evaluation of Geometry-based Parametric Auralization
Hybrid Sound Reproduction in Audio-Augmented Reality
A Balanced Stereo Widening Network for Headphones
Improved Harmonic+Noise Model for Vocal and Musical Instrument Sounds
Frequency Domain Techniques for Stereo to Multichannel Upmix
Extracting Sound Objects by Independent Subspace Analysis
An FD Finite Width Excitation Modelling Approach In Violin Sound Syhthesis
Post-processing and Computation in Parametric and Transform Audio Coders
Perceptually Similar Orthogonal Sounds and Applications to Multichannel Acoustic Echo Canceling
The Reaction Time for Subjects to Localize 3D Sound Via Headphones
The Modified Discrete Cosine Transform: Its Implications for Audio Coding and Error Concealment
Methods for Blind Computational Estimation of Perceptual Attributes of Room Acoustics
Encoding and Rendering of Perceptual Sound Scenes in the Carrouso Project
Authoring of Virtual Sound Scenes in the Context of the Listen Project
Dynamical Modeling of Physics-Based Interactions in Musical Acoustics
Audio Coding - An All-Round Entertainment Technology
Computational Modelling and Simulation of Acoutic Spaces
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