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Electronic Measurements
Nonlinearity of Magnetic Recording and Its Measurement
Bias Curve Analyzer-A New Approach to Duplicator Bias Adjustment
Test and Calibration Applications of Multitone Signals
Examining Nonlinear Distortion with Multitone Stimuli
Comparison of Nonlinear Distortion Measurement Methods
Generating Production Test Limits Based on Software Derived Monte Carlo Analysis
Measurement Techniques for Debugging ADC and DAC Systems
Measurement Techniques for Debugging Electronic Systems and Their Interconnection
Digital Measurements
The Generation of Digital -Electronic Gong- Test Signals
Subjectively Relevant Objective Assessment, Part 1
Merging Subjective and Objective Acoustical Measurements
Measures of Spatial Impression and Reverberance Based on the Physiology of Human Hearing
Measurement and Perception of Quality in Sound Systems
Pleasantness and Unpleasantness of Speech
-NMR- and -Masking Flag-: Evaluation of Quality Using Perceptual Criteria
Analysis Tool for Realtime Measurements Using Perceptual Criteria
A Human Ear Related Objective Measurement Technique Yields Audible Error and Error Margin
Physical Testing of Psychophysically-Based Digital Audio Coding Systems
New Test Methods for Digital Audio Data Compression Algorithms
Measurements on Low Bit-Rate Coders
A Sensitive Method for the Subjective Evaluation of Audio Codecs
Acoustical Measurements, Part 1
Why and How to Measure Distortion in Electroacoustic Transducers
Transfer Function and Subjective Quality of Headphones: Part 1, Transfer Function Measurements
Transfer Function and Subjective Quality of Headphones: Part 2, Subjective Quality Evaluations
Sound Radiation Analysis of a Bass Reflex System Using Holography Reconstruction from Nearfield Acoustic Intensity Measurements
Loudspeaker Production Testing Using the Techron TEF System 20 TDS Analyzer and Host PC
Two Maximal Length Sequence Devices for Measuring Room Acoustics Parameters
Impulse Response Measurements Using All-Pass Deconvolution
The Midas System for All Scale Room Acoustics Measurements
Correlation Detection of Early Reflections
The Wigner Distribution: Sound Fields in Time, Frequency, and Space
On the Use of Parametric Spectrum Analysis for High-Resolution, Low-Frequency, Free Field Loudspeaker Measurements
Precision Transfer Function Measurements Using Program Material as the Excitation Signal
Errata to the Proceedings of the AES 11th International Conference: AES Test & Measurement Conference
AES - Audio Engineering Society