AES Journal

Editorial Board

Editor in Chief

Vesa Välimäki

Consultant Technical Writer and Editor

Francis Rumsey


Associate Technical Editors

Søren Bech - spatial perception and processing

Stefania Cecchi - digital audio processing for audio reproduction enhancement

Jeremy Cooperstock - audio networking

Charalampos Dimoulas - signal processing, semantic audio

Christof Faller - low bit-rate audio coding

Andreas Floros - digital electroacoustics systems, audio/music information retrieval

Woon-Seng Gan - adaptive signal processing, active noise control

Hyunkook Lee - perception and human factors, recording and production techniques

Robert C. Maher - analysis and synthesis of sound

Piotr Majdak - spatial audio

Aki Mäkivirta - loudspeaker processing

Dan Mapes-Riordan - psychoacoustics and signal processing

Francesco Martellotta - acoustic modeling techniques and room architectural acoustics

Vicki R. Melchior - high-resolution audio

Catarina Mendonça - perception

Jorge Mendoza-López - transducers, loudspeaker and sound reinforcement systems

John Mourjopoulos - digital processing of audio and acoustic signals

Juhan Nam - deep learning in audio and music processing

Thomas Sporer - psychoacoustics, perception, and listening tests

Sascha Spors - spatial audio, analysis and synthesis of sound

Tony Stockman - auditory display

Lamberto Tronchin - room acoustics and architectural acoustics

Luca Turchet - interactive and networked audio

Xiaojun Qiu - room acoustics and signal processing in sound field control

Nadja Wallaszkovits - audio archiving, storage, and restoration

Toon van Waterschoot - audio and speech signal processing


Associate Editor, Book Reviews

Neil Shaw


Journal Office Staff

Paige Horvath - Managing Editor

Christopher Cifani - Production Editor

AES - Audio Engineering Society