AES New York 2019
Recording & Production Track Event RP15

Friday, October 18, 1:00 pm — 2:00 pm (1E08)

Recording & Production: RP15 - Studio Design for 2070 —50 Years from Now—Dare We Look?

Steve Berkowitz, Award Winning Producer
Jimmy Douglass, Engineer, producer - USA
Eddie Kramer, Remark Music Ltd. - Woodland Hills, CA, USA
Ann Mincieli, Jungle City Studios - New York, NY, USA
David Rosenthal, Musical Director - New York, NY, USA
John Storyk, Walters-Storyk Design Group - Highland, NY, USA

The future is predictably "unpredictable," but this panel of studio designers and users will give it their best shot. What kinds of facilities (and tools) will musicians, engineers, and producers be working with 50 years hence? Will recording artists always need studios? Are CD’s & Vinyl totally DOA? Or, will a totally new Gold Standard format emerge? We may not be around to check on our accuracy in 2070, but these production/creative seers including award-winning engineer/producer Eddie Kramer will opine on formats instruments and technological advances they’d like to have. Will recording dates be booked in weightless, anechoic studios circling the globe in outer space stations? Will we finally hear someone wailing away on
a Stratocaster from some other galaxy? Tune in tomorrow.

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